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    What are benefits - if any - of retaining original MTS files after QSFixing them?

    I have many hours' worth of files recorded with my own devices (phones, cameras, camcorders - typically MTS files). Before I do any editing I run them through Quickstream Fix where they get saved as mp4 files. By habit I have always saved the original files, but because these files are now...
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    Joining files recoded to HEVC by VRD vs same files recoded by VidCoder (Handbrake)

    I have a large number - over 250 GB worth - of short 1080p h.264.MTS video files recorded by my camera that I've recoded into smaller files. Most of them have been recoded with VidCoder to the x265 codec using a constant quality of 22. With the introduction of VRD 6, I've recoded a number of...
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    Upgrade Token link goes to purchase page - not a key generation wizard

    I upgraded from VRD TVSuite V5 to V6 today and received an "Upgrade token:" when I entered it into the registration page I was confronted with a dialog saying, The key you entered may be a VideoReDo upgrade token. Would you like to start the VideoReDo TVSuite upgrade wizard...
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    Edit 2K and 4K YouTube videos without "major recode"?

    I'm trying to cut a clip about 1 minute long from a 50 minute long YouTube video in 2K or 4K. No matter what profile I select I'm prompted that a major recode will be required, even the ones that say match source. Is it possible to edit higher resolution YouTube videos without a major recode?
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    Speed view and mark scenes on h.264 video

    Our cable provider (Comcast in Seattle area) has started to encode HD programming in the h.264 codec. This has greatly affected my ability to speed watch and mark scenes of football games with VRD. On mpeg-2 format video I'm accustomed to holding shift-right cursor (set to move 0.5 seconds)...
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    Output finished but not really 'complete'

    Frequently, I scrub through sporting events to save a dozen or so 5-10 second long clips before deleting the large file. In addition to my everyday PC (Win7 x86), I installed V5 for periodic use on another PC in the house used as a media server running Win7 x64. I've run a couple basketball...
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    Windows Media Center temporary files (buffer)

    On a regular basis - especially on weekends where there might be 8 or 10 games on at the same time - I browse channels for a game I'd most like to watch. Sometimes I'll watch for several minutes before deciding that I'd like to save the program for later viewing. With a TiVo at each TV, I...
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    Closed captioning display of CC3 captions?

    Our local spanish channel broadcasts with closed captioning - Spanish on CC1 and English on CC3. Is there any way I can get VideoReDo to display the CC3 closed captions when using it to view a program? Thanks!
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    Metadata txt file missing

    I hadn't processed files in about a week and just tonight I noticed that I wasn't getting the metadata txt file even though the log shows that "the TVDB metaData search succeeded". Is there a setting for creating that text file or skipping it?
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    Any chance of ever having a Linux version?

    I would rather use Linux than Windows for just about everything except for the video editing tools I favor. Windows has just not been stable enough for me and seems to work best with reboots every few days. I like Womble's MPEG Video Wizard DVD for a number of things (such as reordering...
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    Unable to determine initial clock, details in the log file.

    Since updating from VRD TVSuite v4.21.4.667a to v4.21.4.671c, I have been unable to open the AVCHD (Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264), 1920x1080 resolution, 119.880119 frame rate, decoded format: Planar 4:2:0 YUV) video files recorded by my Panasonic DMC-ZS19 camera. Upon attempting to...
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    How is this supposed to work?

    I don't really know how to ask for what I need, so I'll just set up my situation. Since adding two HDHomeRuns (3 CableCARD tuners, 2 OTA tuners) to our network a few short weeks ago, I've accumulated tons of recorded programs, many that I would like to process for clip extracting and...
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    New build PC CPU choice - i5-2500K or i7-2600K?

    I'm in the process of building a new PC to finally replace the one I built back in 2005. I ordered the i5-2500K when Newegg had it for $200 on Black Friday, but I'm wondering about the ramifications of if not having hyperthreading when for about $100 more the i7-2600K does. Other than that...
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    Edit and Join H.264 AVCHD and Motion J-Peg files from Digicam?

    I upgraded VRD to VRD4 primarily to edit and join H.264 AVCHD MP4's from my digicam. I have some problems with the program hanging, but overall I can get it to do what I want if I edit the individual files before joining them. This week, my son shot a bunch of video for a homework project with...
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    Joining AVCHD Lite clips from camera

    I have a Panasonic ZS7 that captures h.264 video in AVCHD Lite format. Unfortunately, each time I "pause" it creates a separate clip file, so I end up having a lot of files to put back together to make a single "recording". What's the easiest way to do this with minimal re-encoding? When I...
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    VRD Plus works in Win7 x64, but apparently not with .tivo files

    I'm using VRD Plus ver. - Feb 22 2010 on my Win7 x64 Dell XPS 16 notebook. It seems to work fine on MPEG-2 files made from .tivo files, but I'm not able to open a .tivo file that was edited and saved from my WinXP SP3 PC. The error I'm getting is, "Tivo file open error, please check...
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    Help for long-time Womble MPEG Video Wizard user

    I started editing mpegs from our ReplayTVs some 5 or 6 years ago using Womble's MPEG-VCR and for the last several years with MPEG Video Wizard. Just over two years ago I began editing HDTV captures from our Comcast HD-DVRs. Don't want to make any enemies over here, but I love using MVW and...
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