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    Fast encoder initialization error: 269

    I got that error when I try to create a DVD from H.264 MP4 file ( file was originally created by VRD 5 from wmv file after editing). What does the error code mean ? Processing was stopped to error code.
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    Problems with mp4 with VRD640

    Hi I have made some mp4 files which I have made for ipad using VRD (originally homevideos from DVD). They will open OK with 638 but not with new 640. First I get window which ask me to install free new codecs from vrd site but that will not help. After that I get error message that Fmpeg...
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    Problems after hypernate

    I have network problems with VDR. I am running VDR in PC with Vista and I usually don't close the PC during the night but put in to the hybernate. Next day I wake it up and if I try to use VRD (my recordings are in separate PC running hole the time under WIN2000) with files over home network VDR...
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    Thumbnail window problem

    Quite often VDR collapsed and I get attached window telling about thumbnail window problem. If I succeeded to pass that sertain place in the file without hitting it I might be lucky and succeed to author a DVD, usually not. What might be the reason ?
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