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    Using VRDv4 to remux ES

    Is it possible to take h.264/aac/srt elementary streams and remux them with VRD so as to allow switchable captions/subs on Tivos and iDevices? If it is possible, can this be done from command line? Is this something I should be looking at VAP for?
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    ffmpeg encoding/decoding support

    I noticed in the latest release that VRD now allows ffmpeg to be used for encoding/decoding. A couple of questions: 1) Is it a full build of ffmpeg that would now allow input/output of basically all formats? 2) Can one pass full commandline strings to it to allow for constant quality x264...
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    Possible to create split points or something similar?

    On many occasions, I have a single video file that I would like to split into multiple segments. Is there a way to do this currently in VRD without making multiple cut/saves? My son has some cartoon DVDs that put 3 episodes into 1 track. I would like to be able to add two split points and be...
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    TivoHD playback requirements?

    Anyone from VideoRedo been able to get their hands on the H.264 spec requirements for Tivo playback? I ask because I am trying to find a way to improve playback of x264 encoded material on the TivoHD. For a long time, a few of us had been struggling with the garbled opening scene when playing...
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    Add audio amplification to vbs script?

    Is it possible to automatically amplify audio with the VRD vbs script? If not (doesn't seem possible from COM help page), is this something that could be easily added to the list of possible options? (It is possible from GUI.) Jason
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    MPEG Aspect ratio/QSF questions

    I have lately begun ripping my DVDs to my harddrive and then converting the files to a single MPEG2 with permanent subtitles (using Wondershare DVD Ripper). I like that the program will pull the subtitles directly from the VOBs and burn them in (avoids sync issues when downloading subtitles or...
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