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    Video edit with a Mac?

    My cousin bought an IMac and is trying to find programs for copy of RW disks to hard drive. The Mac can edit a movie in mpg format but the problem is to get the vob files converted to mpg and copied to disk. He doesn't want to install a program on the Mac so it can run Windows programs. Anyone...
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    Mpeg Streeam Error:

    This is my first movie I have edited with the latest VRD TV Suite. Everything I did was the usual stuff for copy-to-HDD, quickstreamfix, edit the resultant .mpeg file, adjust audio to 1.8, and punch author and burn. I get a popup window that says "Mpeg stream error: DVD muxer initialization...
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    DVD preference selection

    I have two DVD writers. the Sony is used strictly to copy DVD-RW's to my HD. The Pioneer is used for burning the edited movie. If I leave the RW disk in the Sony, "Create a DVD" selects the Sony and starts to erase the disk. I have to cancel the DVD burn and then use IMGBurn to burn the VRD...
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    How To for TV Suite

    I have TV Suite v3 I have been editing my movies with VRD Plus like this: 1) Record movie to DVD-RW 2) Copy and QSF with DVD copy 1.0.27 to hard drive. 3) Open video in VRD Plus and manually remove unwanted stuff and save as elementary streams to another folder on HDD. 4) Use DVD Author GUI...
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    Finished size on disk

    Here's what I do: 1. Record to -RW a movie from TV on LP (4hrs). Panasonic DMR ES15. Movie is over 2 hrs. Finalize disk. 2. Copy disk to HDD with DVD Copy 1.0.27 3. Remove Commercials with Video ReDo. Output as elementary streams. 4. Author edited movie with DVD AuthorGUI. Output is Vidio_TS...
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    VRD output to IMG

    I would like to output my edited movie from VRD as an ISO so I can go to IMGBurn and burn the DVD. As it is I take it out as .vob and reauthor with DVDAuthorGUI but in order to get an ISO it makes a DVD Video and an ISO taking up a lot of room. Someone may have a shorter route to ISO? I do...
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    Use Default Browser not IE

    When I open the links in the Help>Technical Support, Internet Explorer opens instead of my default browser (FireFox). Can this be fixed?
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