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    MKV Metadata

    I'm not sure what kinds of metadata the mkv container supports, but would it be possible to copy metadata such as title, episode name, synopsis etc when converting from wtv to mkv? (and possibly vice-versa?).
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    MKV Support

    First off, I'm very glad that mkv is supported now. I know it's not easy when you can't just add in code from mkvmerge. Second, the mkv support is REALLLLLY beta at the moment. As expected anything with DTS will simply refuse to open. But even mkv's with AC3 audio are asking for a QSF, most of...
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    Created WTV reports incorrect length

    This is far from a major issue, but when I edited an H.264 .wtv file yesterday, I noted that the file I output (also .wtv) was reported as being 1hr 8min long (same as the original) rather than the 43 minutes it actually was. File played fine (though didn't open in VRD), but both WMP and MC had...
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    Release? And Keys tied to hardware?

    Hi, I have a couple of questions. Firstly, is there a soonish release planned, or do you have further beta versions planned? Secondly, if I purchase a license now, will it be tied to my current hardware, because I like to upgrade things here and there.
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    Editing loses subtitles.

    Hi guys, congrats on making massive progress on the wtv files and the h264. One thing that's still annoying me though, is that the closed captions are being lost from the recording upon editing. It doesn't seem to matter whether I save as dvr-ms or wtv, the input files have captions, and the...
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    Option for QSF from right click

    Hi guys, any chance we could have an option (not automatic, cos not everyone would want it) to QSF supported files directly from right clicking on them in Windows Explorer instead of having to go through the program interface? Perhaps 2 options, QSF here, and QSF to custom location (kind of...
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