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    674b: Compressed stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow

    Hello I am trying to create a DVD using VRD, composed of 7 episodes of a tv series cut from .ts files into .mpg, they have 1 MPEG2 video stream & 2 MP2 audio streams, when I attempt to create a DVD during the fast frame copy phase I get this error: Compressed stream error: Audio Ring Buffer...
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    "The parameter is incorrect"

    Hello I have a problem. I am trying to extract video from a certain dvd, but there is a problem. I go to "Open Title from a DVD" and select the DVD and then click OK, but then it displays a message"The parameter is incorrect". How do I resolve this. If if helps, the DVD is a DVD9. I used DVD...
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    CRF Encoding

    Hello I would like to ask, will VideoReDo ever become able to do CRF encoding, like Handbrake? The reason I ask is that I would like to be able to have the video deinterlaced and to not have to re-encode the audio, but I do not want to set limits for the video bitrate, I would rather have the...
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    Hello I am new here, and have a simple question. What are the settings needed to do a 25i->50p conversion? Every time I deinterlace the video is only 25p. The input file is a mpeg2 at 25i. I would like to output at 50p in h264 but with deinterlacing.
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