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  1. MozartMan

    Can users please test the full screen display?

    Dan, Yes. I just tested 791 and it closed after about 5 seconds. I sent you email to 'support' with info from Application log.
  2. MozartMan

    Hevc keeps crashing

    I will when I get home later this evening.
  3. MozartMan

    Hevc keeps crashing

    I have Windows 10 1803 Education edition.
  4. MozartMan

    Hevc keeps crashing

    In my case when I try to save my MP4 file using HEVC I get an error message. I looked in the log file and I see this error: FFmpeg (Error) - Invalid UE golomb code MP4 video file is 4K video from Sony a6500 camera recorded in XAVC-S codec.
  5. MozartMan

    4K video from VRD plays jerky.

    Hi, I got Sony Alpha a6500 camera few days ago and playing with 4K video recording. I am using 4K mode in XAVC-S at 30p and 60 Mbps bitrate. I can load MP4 video file produced by a6500 into VRD without any problem. I do simple cuts at the beginning and at the end of the file. Then I tried to...
  6. MozartMan

    Why there is no option for AC3 audio encoding?

    Hi, I have .flv files with h.264 video and AAC audio. I want to convert them to .m2ts and author to AVCHD disk. So, I am using force recode, but I don't see AC3 format for audio track as an option. Am I missing something? Why there is no option for AC3 audio encoding?
  7. MozartMan

    What H.264 encoder is built into VRD-TVS?

    Question to VRD team. I am just curious what H.264 encoder is built into VRD-TVS? When I encode from MPEG-2 HD to H.264 the quality is great. Also, do you plan to implement feature where you can specify output size, like DVD+R DL for example, and encoder will choose appropriate bitrate? Thanks.
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