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    VRDTS generated drv-ms have seek problem

    I use Vista Home Premium 64 bit with an ATI TV Wonder 650 to record HD dvr-ms files. The original files are easily edited in VRD and I output them as dvr-ms files with VRDTS (v3.1.5.564) on a Vista 32 bit system. If I bring the edited dvr-ms file back into VRD, using the slider or the other...
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    VRD and Sorenson Squeeze audio sync

    I am using VRD to pull segments out of mpeg recordings made by an ATI AIW card. The original files 30 minutes long and the segments being exported are 2 to 7 minutes in length. These segments are then sent to Sorenson Squeeze to convert them to wmv and mp4 files. The extracted mpeg files play...
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