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    Player mode with Ad skip

    Hi, This is something that have the potential to boost your sales considerably with very few minor additions. In order to not mess with the editors overall functionality a player mode with ad skip could be enabled when toggle to full screen display. It is kind of hard to do some editing stuff...
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    Vprj file containing Unicode stars in filename fails to open

    Hi A comskip generated Vprj file dropped onto VRD latest beta containing the filename 20180601_20-59-02_Kanal 5_Gravity - ★★★★★★★★☆☆.ts fails to open. Dropping the actual .ts file with the stars onto VRD opens it ok though.
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    Changed VPrj format in V6?

    Hi, I wonder if the V6 Videoredo project XML format will stay the same as in V5 or will there be changes? If changes, are the final format finished, so we can have a quick preview? It would be great so we can prepare the commercial detection alternates, such as comskip. Other than that is the...
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    vp.vbs spelling mistakes

    There's some minor spelling mistakes in vp.vbs. The wscript.echo one has been there for years, so maybe when you are going over the documentation it could be fixed. Just to avoid scripters wondering why their script's not working if following these usage instructions :) In new comments at the...
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    Vprj V5 template

    I was browsing through the templates xmls in da v5 folder in hunt for how the v5 Vprj format should look like, but didnt find anything. Changes seem to have been done, since V4 format doesnt work for V5. Anyone knows more about it?
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    Slider bar flat and blurry

    This is just a matter of opinion, not a problem, but perhaps anyone else feels that the slider edit bar (hwnd static6 which displays the cut selections graphically) in V5 is unusally blurry and flat? Dull colors as well. In v4 it was vibrant, sharp and had 3D effect. The colors choosen for v4...
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    installation enables automatic windows update

    Howcome installation of 705 enables automatic windows updates...what gives again? Applications doing that wont stay long on my system.
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    Frame overlapping

    There is frame overlappings going on when V5 VRD window are at its smallest size. DPI awareness seems off. I use Windows 7 with text size of 125 DPI. I have learned Unicode is on the way, which maybe could explain the char errors.
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    V5 F-secure installation problem (virus)

    F-secure did throw a hissyfit when encountering specifically ModuleCollection1.dll during installation of v5 beta 705. Im sure its a false possitive, but still F-secure has to be disabled completly prior to install.
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    Create trimmed file copy with cscript?

    Hi! Trying to find a way to trim out a 1Mb copy of each sourcefile (TS) with cscript, but there seem not to be the right arguments available to do it. Anyone knows a way?
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    Unicode editor

    I do recommend to use a software that supports unicode. Unfortunately VRD doesn't and won't be within any foreseeable future. Apparently they rely on many third party dlls not unicoded, so you can say they pretty much painted themself into a corner and can't get out without things getting really...
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    Project subtitle format?

    Hi! Im feeding Comskip generated project files into VRD. Unfortunately Comskip doesnt add the subtitlePID to the project. It only focuses on video/audio PIDs. When loading the project into VRD for editing the subtitles doesnt show in "show vido program info" list, hence the subtitles gets lost...
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    vp.vbs quiet mode not entirely quiet

    Hi! I do wonder about why quiet mode isn't entirely quiet? Although no windows is showing when executing the vp.vbs through a command-based script host (CScript.exe) when using the vp.vbs /q switch, which is great, but instead of visible windows these are replaced by an output systray icon...
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    Server is busy message - VideoReDoBatchProfile

    Hi! First post :) Im using Comskip to create .Vprj files and are feeding these files to the VideoReDoBatchProfile.exe batch builder through an automated script. The script automatically adds new batch entries and sets the .Vprj path, output file path, profile and then presses OK button. In...
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