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    beta 804 WINE file / pathname verification

    This really applies to the whole V6 line not just 804 but it is repeatable in v 804. In the save video dialogue setting the output file to a non-existent file, ie writing to a new destination file, always results in Output file is invalid! appearing under the text input box. If the file does...
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    crash on output of H264 under WINE

    This problem existed with previous betas I hadn't gotten around to posting about it. For test purposes I am attempting to output a transport stream recorded from SBS World Movies (Australia, 1080i, h264) to .mp4. If I simply select from the beginning of the file through to the end of the file...
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    VRD 6 vs WINE (linux)

    I've been eagerly awaiting the v6 beta to see how it goes with WINE. Iniitial feedback is that it works setting the video mode to GDI but only with MPEG2. AVC (H.264) causes a crash. Part of the WINE crash log below, not that it means a lot to me. but it may be failing in the '264 decoder...
  4. D COM interface

    I've used COM to run VRD4 for ages without problem, and have turned to automate VRD5. Using the new application name (VideoReDo5.Application) to start launches VRD OK, but from there on it's all down hill. Properties such as OpenedFilename return an error - unknown name, as does SetQuietMode...
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    5.12.740 no pids specified

    Well hopefully this hasn't already been covered as a look around the beta section didn't turn up any mentions.... If I write a full transport stream to a file and then open it in Videoredo 5.12.740 it displays the first channel it came across without problem, but if I attempt to change to one...
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    644a refuses to jump forwards

    This is not a 644a specific problem as I've seen it with prior versions. I have VR set to force I frame seeks for jumps of two seconds or more. Occasionally VR refuses to move off the initial frame in a recording when a jump of 2 or more seconds is attempted. It will move forward frame by...
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    637g errors while seeking

    The stutter (skipped frames during playback) problem I mentioned with 635e and IPP decoding seems to be fixed, so I set about editing some transport files I have that contain MPEG-2. I manually edit files by hopping through the files at 10 second intervals rather than rely on ad detective...
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    635e IPP jerky preview

    When I enable IPP for display preview of MPEG-2 video is jerky. It looks like VR may only be displaying every second frame. If I hold down the right arrow instead of using preview motion is smooth. Turning IPP off and restarting VR produces smooth play during preview.
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    634d random COM output problem

    When I process MPEG-2 in a transport stream (audio is not recoded) with my simple com script occasionally VRD leaves the Output dialogue box open after it has signalled my script (script checks IsOutputInProgress every 100 ms) that it has completed output. When this happens the pause / abort...
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    634d output stalls with PCM audio

    When outputting edits from an AVC transport stream source file to elementary streams and converting the audio to PCM (using the default h264 elementary profile but changing audio to PCM) 634d stalls on the second scene with the yellow exclamation mark. VRD stays stalled until the process is...
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    634d very slow navigating AVC

    I have an Avermedia Dark Crystal HD capture station that I am trialling. It produces MPEG-4 AVC + MPEG2 audio in a transport stream. If I configure it to record HD 1920 x 1080i 20Mbit/sec videoredo is very slow to move around the recording file. Hopping around in 1 second increments takes...
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    chapters and joiner

    I don't know if it did before or not but with when outputting via the joiner VR does not create a chapters file. If it didn't do it before, this would be a good addition. :)
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    improved multiple file editing

    At times I grab programs from unreliable sources such as via sat and use two separate recordings to produce a good output file. At the moment this is a bit of a pain with VR with the only way I can see to do it (without constantly loading and unloading source files) is to use two instances of VR...
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    what happens to 2.5 users?

    Now that ver 3 is out what happens with people that continue to use 2.5? The current release ( has quite a few issues that were resolved in what became ver 3 and IMO should be fitted into the 2.5 line.
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    Who actually makes use of DFTC?

    This post has been inspired by a thread in the beta forums that regards DFTC in NTSC video. Who here actually works in an environment where DFTC makes a difference? Would you mind explaining what it is you are doing with VR? This is just to satisfy idle curiosity, so no wars please.
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    audio error time stamp reporting

    At the moment VR seems to report audio errors using the actual time stamps within the source file rather than a zeroed offset from the beginning of the file as it does for video errors. It'd be nice if audio errors could be reported as an offset from 00:00:00 to simplify locating audio errors...
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    Audio packet CRCs

    Does VR ( check the CRCs in audio packets. If so, what is the behaviour when it finds a broken packet? If it doesn't check the CRCs, please add this onto the wish list. :)
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    how does redo determine exact audio sync

    Nothing wrong, just a bit of idle curiosity. Comparing the audio sync between Redo and project-x/cuttermaran reveals a .02 second offset ('PAL' video) which is half a frame time. Obviously this isn't a problem, I'm just curious as to why there is a difference at all. If both redo and...
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    sluggish seeking within topfield .rec

    I've noticed that VR (and earlier) is pretty sluggish when seeking around in Topfield .rec (transport stream with only one program actually present) files. If I run the .rec through tsreader to filter out all the unneeded info (additional PAT, PMT, BAT, CAT etc etc) and also remove...
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    problem clicking the quick reply button

    I am using firefox 1.0.7 and when I fill in a quick reply to a thread and press the post button, my reply is posted, but I am taken to a page that displays 'This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts.' along with an option to edit the post etc as if my single click has been acted...
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