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    TVS4 Crashing on old pc

    Greetings from the glacier. I downloaded and installed ver 674 on my Win XP SP3 pc running on an AMD Athlon XP2400+, must be 10 years old now. It crashed with an MS back to base error "AppName: videoredo4.exe AppVer: ModName: mpeg2fastdecoder.dll ModVer: Offset...
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    VRD TVS4 DVD recoding at very low bitrate

    Been having a frustrating time over the last few days trying to figure this out. I have some 4:3 DV files converted to mpg then edited in VRD and the whole lot was to go on DVD created by VRD. The first time I experimented with crop, all worked well and VRD created the VOBs for later burning...
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    Batch - Aborting and ReStarting

    I was quite amazed to find TVS4 smoothly converted HD .MOV files from my daughter's Kodak Playsport to MPG2. It manages well with the latest Playsport's .MP4 conversion as well, but a lot slower. So, I'm using Batch Manager in TVS4 for the first time. Everything went well converting the .MOV's...
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    HD TS to MPEG2 audio as MPEG layer 2

    Well done on this splendid upgrade of VRD, just when I needed it most. However, whilst trailing various conversions from a BBC HD TS with AC3 & MPEG1 audio I'm not able to convert to MPEG2 video with MPEG layer 2 audio. MPEG2 vid with AC3 conversion works ok. Also, running QSF I get the yellow...
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    Field Order going from Lower to Upper in VRD output stream

    A little problem that has been has been confusing me for a while came to light when I did a controlled experiment. VRD 162 2.8.4 I capture analogue PAL VCR video using ULead VideoStudio 8 setting “Lower Field First”. I then go into VRD to cut and save the individual programs out as separate...
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    I want to join MPG to MPV for new MPG

    Hi Dan and the team. I'm very new to VRD but I'm so impressed I paid the money and it's worth every penny in the time it is now saving me. NOBEL Prize to all at VRD 8) . Now on to what I desire... 1 VRD will let you save elementary streams, but it doesn't let you load an MPV back so you can...
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