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    vap and windows 8 - must reconfigure folders each time and rename any files recorded

    I'm really scratching my head on this one. First I want to say that VAP is the best thing that ever happened to de-commercializing and I've used it thousands of times (automatically) and it's such a good set up... but I can't get this worked out since upgrading to windows 8 and I'm not sure...
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    After removing commercials video plays back too fast

    I'm stumped on this and have been working on it for days. I use VRD and VAP to remove commmercials automatically from tv shows recoreded in MPG format through SnapStream Beyond TV. This has worked flawless now for months and months. Suddenly all my finished decommercialized videos are all...
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    mp4 file problems

    Hello. I recently changed the settings to make MP4 Files. It worked find on some 1/2 and 1 hour shows but when longer shows are converted and commercials removed, the mp4 files are smaller then they should be and I also end up with strange file names in the processed library. For example...
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