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    Attached Screen Save: Saving Edited Video Problem

    So I'm having a problem where VRD V5 appears to stall, won't save a video properly edited and selection added. Du;ring the saving process I get what appears to be an error message like this: Left alone the time remaining calculation increases but there seems to be no further saving of the...
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    Audio Recording?

    I can certainly give your fix a try Dan-----the question becomes when will V6 be released as a fully baked version? Perhaps related to my current issues I've never successfully updated my version---when selecting update from the Help tab it waits a while then I get a notice to the effect there...
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    Audio Recording?

    Attached is another screen shot o Attached is another screen shot of Show Program Info of a representative video file I'd like to have the audio portion only. TIA
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    Audio Recording?

    This particular question was related to an MP4 from YouTube---looking at its properties there is no separate audio track info or codec listed.
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    Audio Recording?

    Well I found a profile selection that says "audio only" where the file type is shown like this: Audio Only (*.*). After naming the file and clicking on the Save button the program stops working and asks me to close it down completely. Attached in a screen shot of the page as I'm about to...
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    Audio Recording?

    Sorry if this is another dumb question or one that's addressed inside the help function on my VRD TV5---some days I'm lucky just to open VRD. :) How do I copy or save just the audio portion of a file?
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    Failed Save As, Error Code Icon?

    So hoping this makes sense......... When trying to edit out unwanted scenes in a screen capture recording .mp4 video the remuxing seems to begin but after a few moments I get this: What's this telling me please? TIA
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    Cropping .mp4 Saved Video?

    Can/does VRD v5 crop a video for me? I've used screen recording software and need to crop the video out of the larger screen grab. TIA
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    File Association Foul Up?

    Just now while downloading and extracting an NZB file the "file type" has suddenly been changed to association only with VRD V5, previously it was listed only as its native type. Has something caused this without my doing anything? I honestly don't recall changing any preferences that might...
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    Opening/Joining YouTube Videos?

    Have I just completely missed finding anything on how to opening, join and save a three-part YouTube video with VRD 5? They're saved in a file on my machine but VRD says "video program stream can't be found". Sorry if this has already been discussed to death here---couldn't find anything...
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