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    Multiple audio not working in joiner output

    I am trying to join multiple TV shows from the same MakeMKV created MKV files together, but keeping the commentary tracks. So for instance, MakeMKV created 6 separate MKVs, and I want to join them together, keeping the commentaries. When I click on "Create video from the joiner list" it will not...
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    Where are captured images saved to ?

    I captured about 30 screenshots and then couldn't find them. It is up to "video(30).bmp" and I have chosen "file" yet I can't find where they have been saved. I have tried to search my drives for ".bmp" but they are not showing. I have a lot of different drives though. Where is the default...
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    Latest beta problem

    ESET virus flagged up the new beta as a virus, I know it isn't though. I disabled the virus checker but when it comes back on it won't let me run the software. I am sure I can add it to a whitelist, but I thought I best let you know in case you didn't already. Any idea why it is saying this on...
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    How do I use the Title Editor feature ?

    I am a bit unsure what to do. I add text and a picture, click ok, and then nothing happens. How do I add it to my video project and how do I change length ? Thanks.
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    Worth me upgrading ?

    I have V4 and notice V5 is $25 to upgrade to, which is a fair price. I have downloaded the demo and other than a GUI change and Quick Sync I can't see any other obvious changes. I usually use V4 for editing out adverts from shows, I often keep it is in the same format. Is there any advantage for...
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    Error with audio in new beta ?

    EDIT : I tried to add a log file but was told it exceeds the 19kb limit ? Odd. Anyway, here is a link to it : I just updated to the latest Beta and edited 2 video files as per usual, cutting out the ads, and just realised there is no audio on the outputted...
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    Question about joining / merging MTS files

    Hi. I have 450 MTS files on my camcorder memory card, I want to join them all to one big MTS file, as it is a film there are lots of cuts, hence so many stops and starts. I thought Video Redo would do this, but when I use combine and choose all the files it only seems to load the first one...
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    Any help on error messages I keep getting now ?

    Since changing the satellite box I record on, I now get the following message (see attached) when editing out adverts in Video Redo. On my old equipment I rarely got any red messages on completion, so I am not sure what is happening. Any idea why this sudden change and what they mean ...
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    Problem with AVAST ?

    Only today have I started to get a message that gives me an error and wont let me start Video Redo unless I shut down Avast, it is something about outputstatus.dll or something similar to that ? EDIT : It wont seem to let me run the software now even with AVAST disabled, I get the message attached.
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    Handbrake crashes

    One thing I have noticed is sometimes after editing my Sky HD streams in VRD if I try to encode them in Handbrake it crashes. I tried QuickStream fix and it didn't help. What I found to cure the problem is if I go back in to VRD and edit the first frame or two out then it will work. This seems...
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    TRP files ?

    I noticed that these do actually open in Video Redo but you have to go to "All Files" to find them. Is there any reason they do not open by default ? Obviously this is not a big deal as I can just change to "show all files" but I thought you best know as otherwise other people may think it...
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    Did anything change at start of March ?

    I have captured and archived a lot of h.264 HD things from January onwards and edited using Video Redo. What I normally do is blu-ray author the shows using Nero Vision once my HDD is getting full. Everything was fine at first, but now I am up to authoring early March shows and suddenly the...
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    Not opening x264 encoded files ?

    I have created some x264 TS files in Handbrake but the software just freezes when I try and open them. Any idea what is happening ? General Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec ID : mp42 File size...
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    Thank you !

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but I felt it wasn't right to post in the support sections. I just wanted to say a big thanks for awesome software in your new h.264 one. I know this will sound like a massive kiss ass of a post, but it is from the relief of finding software that works...
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    Any ideas on auto ad removing ?

    I notice that it doesn't seem to work on Sky shows, especially the ones where there isn't a fade out. I am guessing it is probably impossible to auto remove ads without the fade out, but if there is, what setting should I use ? For some reason a lot of the shows just cut to the ads instantly (no...
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    Video Progam Stream Not Found ?

    Firstly, FANTASTIC, it works perfectly with HD PVR files where other software failed. I bow to your skills. I will definitely be buying the software, it will save me having to re-encode in to MPG2 HD everytime to just edit it. Which is a massive help. The only very small problem I find is it...
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    Removing TV trailers ?

    I use Sky, and copy TV shows to my PC to edit out the adverts. VideoReDo is brilliant for removing the actual adverts, but the trailers still remain. By this I mean the 60 seconds of self promotion that channels have in the adverts (usually straight when the break starts and just before it...
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    XDVD support ?

    I usually encode my video files in TMPenc mpg format, known as XDVD. Would there be any chance VideoReDo could add this as an output option ? It would save me re-encoding again in TMPEnc. Sorry if I am asking too much. Many thanks !
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    Any chance of a Sky+ hack ?

    I use Sky+, which is a UK PVR used by millions. Is there any chance of some kind of device which could make Sky+ recordings cut the adverts out ? I am guessing not, but this is a long shot. Or is there any sort of hack that can be added to certain other PVRs ? I also have a Liteon 5045 HDD DVD...
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