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    VideoReDo not responding

    I've had issues with VideoReDo becoming unresponsive when scrolling through the timeline validating ad cut points. Previous occurences documented in here and here. A similar behavior has returned for me. VideoReDo Windows 10 x64 Pro Intel i7-3930K CPU ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard 64...
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    Mouse wheel to scroll along timeline

    I use the mouse wheel to scroll around the timeline. Twice while using the latest beta, I've had the mouse wheel stop moving the timeline when I've activated the preview mode. Flipping out of preview mode doesn't restore it. Playing the video for a moment does restore the action.
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    Intel QuickSync

    From the Welcome thread: You may want to clarify this as being on some of those CPUs. I have a 3930K Sandy Bridge-E CPU and QuickSync is not supported since it doesn't have Intel HD graphics.
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    Jerkiness when previewing MPEG2 Files

    I'm having what appears to be somewhat reoccuring problems when previewing MPEG2 files, wherein the preview video becomes jerky while scrolling using the navigation bar. I've tried un- and re-installing 6.62. Disabling the IPP decoder using Shift + Tools > Options > 71 seems to cure the...
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    Problem with Audio and Channels

    I recently got a WD TV Live box. I have some MP4 (H.264 + AC3) files that have no audio when streamed by it. They play fine on a computer. One abnormality I noticed with these files is MediaInfo reports the audio as being 5 channel. They show as 6 channel in VideoRedo and MPC. The source...
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    Create DVD + AC3 640 kbps = Silent Fail

    I have been trying to convert a video file to DVD using the 'Create DVD' function and have been getting no sound in the resulting DVD. I believe I've narrowed it down to the source file's AC3 bitrate being > 448 kps. However, the Create DVD dialog box does not indicate any issue with this...
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