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    Tell why videoredo is hanging?

    I am running the vp.vbs file as part of a batch process. Comskip creates the commercial removal list and a commercial removal with comskip and a Vprj file is created. Then using vp.vbs pass the Vprj file. Usually works but have one WTV file that it's hanging 64% of the way in. Is there a way...
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    It's not doing anything?

    OK I am on Windows 7 64-bit. Have VideoReDo TVSuite 5.1.1 I've run VideoRedo and converted a file. Opened it once as Administrator Install VAP 135 Ran VAP Set Monitor Folder (D:\Recorded TV) has a bunch of WTV files in it Set Temp to D:\Conversion\temp Set Output Folder: D:\old\test (this...
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    Change file date?

    I currently use the Windows 7 MCE interface to watch all my shows. when I redo all my videos without the commercials and look at a folder of shows they are all labeled with the same date because it looks like MCE lists dates based on creation date or some date on the file. Is there a way to...
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    Windows Service

    Stoked to see if this add on works as VideoReDo by itself isn't going to work without a watch folder and ability to move the files based on metadata to it's destination. Was curious if anyone ever tried getting this program to work as a Windows service with NSSM or something simiar?
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