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  1. BaysideBas

    Open DVD title puzzlement

    I have a DVD, authored in VRD, which has anamorphic 16:9 programs in 4:3 format on it. I need to create a DVD with the anamorphic stretched to 16:9 letterboxed for playback on a 4:3 display. Since the actual file doesn't change, I suspect that the only difference is the aspect ratio setting on...
  2. BaysideBas

    TVSuite crashes when preparing to burn DVD

    Release 559 on a Q6700 Intel box running XP Pro SP2 with 4 GB RAM. Been trying to make a DVD (several attempts now) but TVS crashes with following error: 2008-05-26 13:38:55 [DVD] 3506 [ERR] Can't find AC3 audio frame header Can you tell me what I should look for? here follows log for the...
  3. BaysideBas

    Primer on frame boundaries in video editing

    Mark Schubin's latest podcast (November 2006, PM edition) has a nice overview of different frame/field structures and their impact on editing. Hear the whole podcast at or, if you want to skip the rest just FF to 11:45 on the audio
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