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    IDR Frame Cutting Issue With VRD 738f

    I have experienced an issue with VRD 738f that does not occur with VRD 737b or with VRD 421.10.681 when cutting on an IDR frame of an mp4 H264 file. The cut file experiences audio sync problems and the video pauses/freezes but the file keeps playing and audio is still heard at about 10 seconds...
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    Cannot Open DVD Title Without QSF First

    Updated to 641a and now I am unable to open a dvd title directly from my dvd drive to make commercial cuts, etc... without first running it through quick stream fix. This is a DVD+RW recorded from my dvd recorder via cable TV. I use to be able to with 629 and 637. Now I am forced to spend twice...
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    Shut Down Upon Completion

    I hope this might just be something I am missing, but does VideoReDo have an option to shut down after completion of reencoding? I have been testing reencoding my HD captures from my Hauppauge 1212 HD PVR, using the batch mode where I might have three to four 50+ minute series episodes recode...
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