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    Convert AVI (MJPEG) to MPEG2

    I have a .avi file from my Fujifilm fx20 camera. Gspot software says the file is of the type MJPEG (motion jpeg). All of my video collection is converted to mpeg-2 for editing by VidoeRedo. I want to convert all of my Fujifilm videos over to this same format. I successfully used WinAVI...
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    Best Camera output format for VideoReDO

    Currently transfer my videocam to a Sony VRD-VD20 which burns Mpeg-2 files which then are editable by VideoRedo - works great. Now want to buy a Digital Camera with output editable directly by VideoRedo. All mostly have 640x480 vga just choice of format: .mov, quicktime 1.4mb/sec, Nikon Coolpix...
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    No Sound, Quickstream fail with Sony VRD-VC10 output

    There is no sound in preview mode and QuickStream Fix rejects all frames. VOB files were created by Sony VRD-VC10 DVD burner with video input capability. Default configuration settings taken during setup for VideoRedo CTRL-L File Type: Program Stream Dimensions 720x480 Display Size 720x480...
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