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    sound muted for first second of each chapter (DAC delay to recognize audio format?)

    Hi all - I'm using TVS6 to edit and chapterize several favorite programs from my TiVo. Input is TS files (H.264) and output is MKV (H.264). Playback is via VLC iOS (Apple TV). From these edits, upon playback, the sound is muted for the first second or so of each chapter. It appears as if my...
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    progressive audio sync issues with multiple-chapter MKV H.264 output

    Hi all - I am a new user of VRD products ... just bought TVSuite 5 My primary need is for an editor of TiVo H.264 files. I use kmttg to download from my TiVo Roamio. I'm not doing any conversion - am outputting into MKV H.264 My first edit worked well, except that during playback (with...
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