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    How to delete 'Set Selection' Start/End points & save only current selection instead of all;

    I want to select short segments to save separately (highlights). Anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes in length, all separate 'saves' each with a different file name based on the material they came from. 1. I don't see anyway to either delete/cancel existing selection marks (start & end). If you want...
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    No audio from a .mkv file after edit

    Using videos (a TV series) that was converted from DVD format to .mkv, I want to make a series of 'clips' from select scenes throughout the series. But, the edited clip has no audio. I choose to keep the same format (.mkv). I'm running a slightly older VideoRdDo v 5.1.1 in Win7 Pro (if that...
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    Can't play 'Opus" audio movie

    I have a video (movie) in a .mkv container (1080p) that has it's audio in the "Opus" format (open source). When I try to play that, Redo won't with the error "No audio stream found". The file plays ok using LA Player. I realize it's not a common format, but at least why won't the 'video' play...
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    Is there a 'Copy' not 'Cut' function (to create a new file)

    If there is I don't see it. Is there a copy function to copy a selection and create a new file without disturbing the original video? IOW's I want to copy short selections (1 to 10 minutes) and create separate files, AKA highlights.
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    Program closes after 10 sceonds in Joiner mode

    Trying to 'join' two small mp4 clips (137-138 MB each), TV Suite V4.21 closes (crashes?) after 10 seconds. No error message. When I restart it offers to recover the previous task. Scrolling thru the overly long log file, all I see that may mean something is a early on message: "WTV file...
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    Version 4??

    Why isn't there a version 4 sub-forum??
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    Crashes durning 'Quick Stream Fix'

    V4.21 Win7 w/sp1 AMD platform (if that matters) AnyDVD Opening a DVD (DVE to be specific) when this "Quick Stream Fix" starts, the program crashes. Here is the log file: I'm trying to edit out all of the 'fluff' with just the test patterns remaining with a useable navigation menu. Or is this...
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