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    advice on hardware to play HDTV captures

    Seeking advice on a hardware player (Australia, a PAL country) ... I'm wondering, is there a cheapish DVD player (not blue-ray) on the market nowadays which can play say mpeg2 HDTV captures and not just the ordinary DVD spec formatted DVD containing PAL 576i/p ? eg something where I can...
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    keep an eye on this - google VP codec for youtube? maybe videoredo could watch it and consider including support into the future if it flies.
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    export menu titles as transparent .jpg ?

    Is there a way to export the menu titles as a transparent .jpg which could then be imported into a DVD label creator program (which prints on top of the DVD) ?
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    can the menu contain a movie clip ?

    Just wondering, can the menu contain a full-size-background movie clip with sound, configured to run in an endless loop ? I have a PAL .mpv/.mp2 I'd like to use for that. If it can, is there a link to guide somewhere ?
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    minor usability suggestions

    Did I mention that VideoReDo TV Suite is my all-time-favourite program ? Its just so reliable and does the job so well. A few of usability suggestions which hopefully are easy: 1. being able to check the delete video_ts after burning tickbox without having to also do the verify :) Let the...
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    elementary streams

    I'm getting a bit desperate about editing and producing dvd from mpeg2 video and audio elementary streams. Any news on when vrdtvs can open video and audio elementary streams ? In the meantime, can anyone please recommend a reliable XP commandline based elementary stream muxer, which can...
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    is this normal ?

    Hi, my firewall just blocked Videoredo from contacting which resolves to source port 1596 dest IP dest port 80 path C:\PROGRAM FILES\VIDEOREDOTVSUITE\VIDEOREDO3.EXE Check for updates at startup is unticked. Is that normal ?
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    apect ratio 2.21:1 won't stick ?

    I have an .mpg which has a video component 29.97/704x480/2.21:1AR output from HCenc. When trying to author to DVD, I tick "accept noncompliant ..." and then click "change output options" into "video options" tab to set "Aspect Ratio" to "No Change" and tick "Remember these settings" and then...
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    nero recode problem... again

    Had another one of these errors again today ... VRDTVS authored 2 QSF'd MPG clips to a folder where the size =1.5 DVD sides. Tried to used Nero Recode to shrink it and burn, but it threw an error and aborted. Most likely...
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    error: Overlay Mixer may be in use by another application

    When I have VRDTVS running and Iy try to stoke up the TV viewing app DNTVlive which came with my hardware, this error pops up and DNTVlive exits :- It seems that VRDTVS is locking something. Any ideas on how to fix it ?
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    Error: "problem finalizing the output file"

    Help ! This is a new one on me. An Error window pops up which says Input to VRDTVS is a .mpg which was created by VRDTVS v569 :) The sequence is DV capture .avi -> HCenc to elementary streams -> author to DVD in hard drive folder -> VRDTVS edit the DVD folder into various .mpg files because...
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    can QuickStreamFix create new timecodes ?

    Just wondering, is there a setting or something for QuickStreamFix to blow away and then recreate good timecodes during its processing on the fly ? I gather DVDlab has a tool that can do that in case things go astray.
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    handling of "false" PAL OTA 1080i?

    A quick question about PAL Aus HDTV 1080i50 (supposedly 1080i50 !) --> 576i/576p DVD resizing. Does VRDTVS handle all of the incoming content cases properly, since (I discovered in another place) using the wrong resizing method can lead to significant quality decreases... I'd mistakenly...
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    QuickStreamFix GOP size parameters ?

    I like to QuickStreamFix everything because, in the end, it saves me from hassle. I use a batch file which loops around the files in a folder and calls a Sub with paramaters and containing a line to QSF a TS into an MPG. CScript //Nologo "C:\Program Files\VideoReDoTVSuite\vp.vbs" "%F1%" "%F2%"...
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    Query re batch Batch parameters

    Hi, I'd like to create XP batch files to perform functions on all files in specific folders, but I can't seem to find the documentation on what the latest VRD commandline switches are to use :confused: eg 1. a batch .CMD to QuickStreamFix all files in a folder (usually PAL .TS) into .mpg in...
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    Whoah ! VideoReDoBatch Spyware ?

    The latest update to Trend Internet Security 2008 just detected VideoReDoBatch.exe doing something "bad" after I re-installed VideoReDo TV Suite v558 on a system restored from backup and ran it ... Details of problem 1:- "Program Library Injection" detected NIUserSetWindowsHookEx...
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    possible bitrate "bug" for HDTV ?

    Hi. Recorded an Australian Channel 10 HDTV 1080i broadcast using WebScheduler into a .TS file. Video bitrate > 15 Mbps. Used beta 558 QuickstreamFix for .TS -> .mpg with the only option setting being GOP limit = 15 and the other options = "no change". Log messages say "Bumping mux rate to...
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    A big Thankyou (for the re-encode logic)

    I like to capture and burn Football from SD TV (PAL) for watching later. When I chop out the ads using VRD TV Suite and then save to elementary streams and then use another product to author (fancy menus), the other product crashed every now and again with invalid stream or some such...
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    rezise during save-video-as

    This morning I went to save an edited PAL 1920x1080i HDTV capture as resized DVD-compliant video/audio streams for input to a DVD authoring program, File -> Save Video As then clicked on the Options to change features of the video and audio and noticed a couple of things a) the choice of...
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    capability for extra deblocking of input

    From time to time I like to record fast-moving sports action with lots of panning and zooming (Aus football) on grass fields with masses of spectators in the background (ie there's lots of detail). I used to like to record the PAL SD, as it's almost directly compatible with DVD however nowadays...
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