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  1. Heathsideboy

    Updating VideoRedo TV Suite V5 stops me from renaming it to what I want on my desktop

    Hi, Because I am disabled, I can call up the name of any application from my desktop by using speech recognition. The shorter the name I can make it, the easier it is to call up. So when I originally installed VideoRedo TV Suite V5, I renamed the icon that showed on my desktop to, VideoRedo 5...
  2. Heathsideboy

    VideoReDo TVSuite version 5 Promotional Email

    Hi all, I have TV Video Suite Version 4 and I had an email that was promoting VideoReDo TVSuite version 5 for $19.99 providing I had the previous version. Firstly, can any one of authority confirm that this deal is kosher as the email arrived in my junk email folder? Secondly, can any one of...
  3. Heathsideboy

    Separate VOB Files Not Combining As One VOB file Ready for Editing

    Hello, I am using VideoReDo TV Suite Version 4 with H.264 on Windows 7. I have a bunch of VOB files that I have quick streamed and put into a separate folder so I know they have been quick streamed. I then selected them all and tried to paste them all into VideoReDo as per the instructions...
  4. Heathsideboy

    Editing a Bunch of VOB Files but When Playing, They Get Stuck and Play Really Fast.

    Using the "combine" feature in VideoReDo: This method works very well and is the preferred technique for non-copy protected DVD files. To combine the multiple VOB files into one file for editing: a) Copy the desired VOB files from the DVD to your hard drive. b) In VideoReDo click on File>Open...
  5. Heathsideboy

    Not Long Purchased VideoReDo - A Few Questions To Start with.

    Hi everybody, I have just joined the forums after just recently purchasing VideoReDo and I am very green at the moment. Let me just explain my situation to you so that you understand much better. I am a disabled man (had a car accident 10 years ago) and I am paralysed from the neck down. To...
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