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  1. HyperReality

    A Question for Topfield Owners

    Can a Topfield TF5000/TF5800 owner, who also has a copy of VideoReDo TVSuite beta build 556 installed (it must be 556!), please try something for me: 1. Make a short (eg 30 second) recording of an SD channel that has AC3 audio (eg for Australians, Channel 10 or ABC1 should do). 2. Download the...
  2. HyperReality

    Option to ignore start and/or end of file

    I've come across a number of files over the years that have some garbage at the start and/or end that causes VRD to get upset in one way or another. While there is always the option to QuickStream Fix, or use the Trim and Copy option, to fix up things (or to brute force cut the dodgy start or...
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