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    Beta Build shows Norton virus threat: WS:Reputation.1

    Tried to install Build and got a Norton Security threat WS.Reputation.1 Filename: vrdtvsh264-5-3-80-758b.exe Threat name: WS.Reputation.1Full Path: d:\downloads\videoredo\tv suite version 5\vrdtvsh264-5-3-80-758b.exe ____________________________ ____________________________ On...
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    Problems with mp4 video with 728c

    I recently attended my granddaughters dance competition. They would not allow use of video cameras so I purchase several videos from a professional. One of the videos plays fine with Windows Media Player but does not work with VideoReDo 728c. The file is a mp4, 337mb, 1920 x 1080, Data Rate...
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    Audio out of sync with VideoReDo 675

    I recently returned from vacation where we recorded a lot of video using a Cannon HF200 HD video camcorder. I have used this camcorder many times in the past and VideoReDo has always kept the audio in sync. The camera records many .MTS files, 116 for this trip. I click open and select them...
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    Can I increase the brightness of a recorded video?

    I shot an HD video of my granddaughters birthday. One section was shot with a very bright background so the people in that section are very dark. Is there a way to increase brightness using VideoReDo?
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    Help with joining .mov with many .mts files

    I just returned from a vacation and took a lot of video using my Cannon HD camcorder which creates many .mts files. At one point we left the Camcorder on the ship, but wanted to video a band playing, so we used our digital camera which created a .mov file. Is there any way to include the .mov...
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    brrrp audio problem back on build 600

    A problem I reported back on build 589 was fix by build 591, but it is back on build 600. See following:
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    Yellow triangle of death on 596-599, 595 OK

    Yesterday I took several video shots using my Canon HF200 HD camcorder. It creates several .MTS files that I use the Joiner to combine into one. The last time I did this, I was on VideoReDo version 595 and everything worked well. This time on version 598, the Join crashed. I noticed that...
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    VRD hangs when adding 113 files to joiner.

    I just returned from a vacation where I took a lot of video using a Cannon HF200 HD camcorder. The camcorder creates many short .mts files which I join and then save as a .ts file. This trip created 113 such files and when I try to join them together I get the message: VideoRedo.exe has...
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    15 minute limitation???

    Dan, don't you really mean 15 day limitation? If you want to remove the 15 minute limitation request a trial key either from help menu or the pop-up screen. Quite a few of the program settings have changed from the prior versions, so your settings will not be copied with the installation.
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