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    "Keep Aspect Ratio" Option

    Hello, I have a question about keeping the same aspect ratio when recoding videos. So check out this example: Let's say that I have a video with the width of 1134 pixels, and a height of 620 pixels: 1134 x 620. Whenever I recode my videos, I always adjust the pixels so the video is in 480p...
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    A Small Suggestion For Convenience

    Hi, this is just a small suggestion to maybe implement into VideoReDo version 6, as long as you, the developers, like it. • So, I'm assuming this option doesn't exist in the program's preferences. If it does exist, can someone please tell me how to enable it? • This suggestion doesn't have to...
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    Found A Typo In The Program

    I noticed that after I edit a Profile (by going to Tools --> Edit Output Profiles...), editing a Profile, then pressing the "Restore Defaults" button, this popup message will appear (see attached image). I'm very sure that the word: it's is supposed to be: its (without the apostrophe) =)
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    How To Keep Original Audio On Newly Recoded Video

    Hello there. I load a video in VideoReDo to lower the width by height resolution and the amount of kbps, in order to shrink the video file and for it not to lag when fastforwarding/rewinding the video on the computer. But mainly to shrink its size and keep almost the perfect quality as the...
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