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    Custom XML Cutlist Inside Project File

    Hi. I am trying to figure a way to edit the XML project file so that VRD will open with all scenes pre selected based on times that are generated from a vMix recording file. I can't get it to work. It must be because of the "byte" references. This is what I am using. What do I need to add to...
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    Simple Com task- Cant get it to work

    Can someone post an entire script that will create a scene on an open file between 0 and 14000 msec in VR5TVS? This should work-- but cant get it to... Set VideoReDoSilent = WScript.CreateObject( "VideoReDo5.VideoReDoSilent" ) set VideoReDo = VideoReDoSilent.VRDInterface VideoReDo.SelectScene...
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    Can't Combine Files in .763

    Have been an avid user of VRD... Never had any major issues until now. When I try to add multiple files either by drag and drop or open video prompt, it appears to work but only uses the first file by either using combine or join. Choosing quickstream fix only fixes the first file. When...
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    Automate Cut Scene Identification

    VRD is the best piece of software I have ever purchased. Its made my life so easy in so many ways.. Here's what I'd like to be able to do. I have all the edit points in a text file. Is there a way that I could import those into VRD and have them automagically added to the cut list, so then all...
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