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    DVD authoring with subtitles

    Hi, I have a question regarding DVD authoring : I have a DVB-T recording (.ts format) with several audio languages (2) and subtitles. When I open it in VideoRedo, I can select the required audiostream and also display subtitles. Now I'd like to create a DVD having this audio stream and...
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    VRDTVS H264 & BluRay

    Hi, Sorry if this has been written already somewhere, but I'd liek to know if BluRay mastering/burning is considered for a future release ? Thanks.
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    Small bug related to non compliant DVD

    Hi, I found a small bug related to non compliant DVD settings when mastering a DVD from a mpeg2 file. The source file comes from a DVB-T recording, and among some characteristics, the GOP size is > 15. When I try to create a DVD from it, I keep the box "Accept non-compliant DVD settings"...
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    Crash when opening a .ts file containing Mpeg2

    Hi, I recently upgraded my VRD TVSuite 3 to V4/H264. I have a LG MS-400H DVB-T recorder, that handle both HDTV and SD format. Yesterday, I recorded a movie in SD format. All records are with .ts files. When I open the recording with VRDTVS 3, it opens fine and I am able to edit it properly...
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    Commercial question & technical question

    Hi, I have installed VRDTVS 4 on my PC where version 3 is installed and activated. I saw the upgrade offer. My question is the following : If I chose the upgrade, will the version 3 still be activated ? Now, with my technical question : I wasn't able to open files created by a Flip Mino...
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    Horizontal Flip tool

    Hi, I recently got some old family films converted into DVD. But during the conversion process, the image is "inverted", or rather horizontally flipped (mirror effect). It's DVD compliant mpeg2. I'd like to flip them another time to recover the original image. Does someone know of a tool...
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    Pb when importing from a DVD mastered by VRDTVS

    Hi, I have a problem when importing a title from a DVD : a take a mpeg2 file, master a DVD with VRDTVS, then try to "open a file from DVD" from the newly mastered DVD, I see there is one title available, I select in in the title selector; click OK, and get the following error message : unable...
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    Application Error when using the ad-detective scan feature

    Hi, I have noticed the following problem with VideorRedo TV Suite : quite often, but not always, when I try to launch an ad-detective scan, after a while, before the analysed mpeg is fully processed, I get a VRDTVS application error that forces the app to exit. Looking into the XP event...
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    Pb when estimating size of the outputted DVD

    Hi all, I just discovered the upgrade today and am very excited about it. It will really speed up for me the conversion process from a TV source (DVB-T or recorded DVD) to a burned DVD. I just observed a small glitch : I have a 3.2 GB mpeg2 file generated by VideoRedo Plus. It comes from a...
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    Saving 2 audio stream in the same mpeg file

    Hi, I have read in VRD+ help file that currently only one audio stream is supported. I happen to have captured DVB-T mpeg files that come with 2 streams and I would really like to burn DVD having both sound tracks. So far I am using VRD+ to edit files before editing, but I cannot use it in...
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    Audio codec problem when joining two mpeg files

    HI all, I have recently observed a strange problem when using VRD 2.21 b 445. I have a new DVB-T USB receiver, by Terratec. The software that comes with the USB DVB-T is able to save directly on the PC into mpeg2 the TV signal. The software also split the recorded files every 4GB. So I get...
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    # of errors in Mpeg flux estimation

    Hi all, I am doing a lot of DVB-T recordings that I process afterwards with Videoredo Plus. Reception can be poor, and in that case, there are many mpeg errors in the received flux. VideoRedo can correct most of them, but the corrected file exhibits the well know random blocks/squares where...
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    Problem editing a large file

    Hi, I recently upgraded my DVB-T capture software (Twinhan DTV 2.6x) and tonight I have created a very big file (4.7 GB) when recording a TV Show. Formerley, Twinhan software used to split recordings at around 3.5GB. I very quicky realized I cannot edit such a big file : when I open it with...
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    Recurring crashes

    Hi, I am doing a lot of "raw" european DVB-T post-processing. I have noticed that on several occasions, while "saving as" the input file, after the editing selection done, VideoRedo just crashes in the process. Quickfixing the file before editing doesn't change generally the issue. Most of...
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    Strange output file size increase (compared to NVE)

    Hi all, I just came across strange phenomenon in the following situation : I use to record on my DVD burner TV shows such as Alias (I am using a Yamaha DRX2). I usually extract the main VOB file with DVD Decrypter, insert the VOB into NeroVisionExpress (NVE) which has some basic edition...
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