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    DVD Authoring Crashes Beta 635e

    Guys I don't author very often but with this beta each time I attempt to, it crashes VRD with Win 7 message VideoRedo has stopped working <Close Program> Video is Mpeg2 with only a minor re-code flagged ,Max GOP 15 frames. Anyone else seen this behaviour? Any ideas?
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    Burner - Multiple Instances

    Dan et al It is not often that I generate a number of disks as a batch but had the occaision today. I often run multiple instances of TVSuite for editing multiple recordings and that of course works fine. But I note that the burner module as it stands can only run as one instance, even though...
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    Options to choose the default audio stream

    Guys I use a number of input sources for video to be processed by VRD. Some are DVB sources and others in a variety of forms. They include regular recordings using Nebula Electronics DigiTV Of particular interest are those in TS-Mux format sourced from Webscheduler and Websheduler Pro (the...
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    Audio Packet Errors

    Dan/Pat DrP who frequents this forum and I were discussing some issues in an Australian DTV forum here He raised the point that: "The real issue with bad audio is that most PC software decoders take no notice at all of the CRCs and just play...
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    Speed and Performance

    This isn't a support issue but I couldn't think where else to place it in the Forum. I've recently re-built/upgraded my media PC and would be interested in comparing the throughput achieved with VideoRedo (b501) compared to others experiences. PC is ASUS P5WDG2-WS-Pro, with 4x SATA-II drives...
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    Auto concatenate function

    Dan/Pat I've recently been trying out the plus option auto concatenate feature to combine VOB'S The function seems to work well. I can take the title set of an extracted DVD which I would ordinarily use to clone a backup copy from using CloneDVD2, and can now quite simply pull up the files in...
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    VRD and AC3 DD5.1

    Dan/Phd I have been using VideoRedo for a long time now and it delivers pretty much what I want. One thing though, are you intending to add funtionality to Render AC3 audio as DD5.1 as opposed to the stereo downmix ? I know you can select either Waveout or Directsound, but that does not allow...
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    Minor problem with slider

    Dan As you know I have been using VRD for a while and love it. I have noticed a minor problem with Release 401 If I select the vernier/slider with the right mouse button to give slow motion the button records a graphics trace/memory as the slider is moved I have a P4 Win XP SP2 + patches and...
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    VideoRedo speed and performance

    Guys I have been using VRD for a good few months and love it. One thing I have tried to do is tune my system to get best processing performance. We'd all like edits to be done in no time flat, but that will be a while away I guess. But VRD is quick compared to other options as best as I can...
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