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    Output of 641 crashes ffmsindex.exe

    I've been a long time user of VideoRedo Plus. I've just upgraded to TV Suite/H.264. I'm experimenting. I have a 30 minute show that I captured from my cable box using a Hauppauge Colossus. I've used VideoRedo to edit out the commercials and set some scene points. I save the output...
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    I have a request when using the Joiner. I have a set of .mpg files, episodes of a TV show. I'd like to join them all together so that I can burn them to a DVD. If they're joined as one file, it is easy to make them all play. However, I'd like the start of each episode (original file) to have...
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    Component streams audio panned to the left?

    OK, this is weird. I used to use VideoRedo and output everything as .mpg files. To save time on the DVD mastering, I'm changing to output as component files. However, after doing so for a few shows, I've noticed that the resulting audio appears to be panned somewhat to the left. This is kind...
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    DVD Styler DVDAuthor problem

    I'm experimenting with saving edited files from VideoRedo as a VOB, so I can make my DVD authoring much faster. I'm using DVDStyler 1.4 which uses DVDAuthor. I have a 20 minute program that I save as a VOB. I drag it into DVD Styler, and it correctly just calls DVDAuthor with it: it doesn't...
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    Fastest way to make DVD with DVD Styler?

    I have Pinnacle that came with my camcorder, but I've found that for making DVDs from shows I've taped (and VideoRedo'ed to remove commercials and sync), DVD Styler is much easier (and more reliable). The problem is, it takes the .mpg apart and puts it back together, and I think that process...
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