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    BAD AC3 Cut and bad stream

    Hi i'm using VRDTVSH264-4-20-5-607e but also with old version of videoredo there is a BIG problem when you cut a .ts that have 5.1 audio. infact videoredo change header or first byte into ac3 and change ac3 from 5.1 in 2.0 with wrong channel ( in some cases ) i uploaded in ftp two .ts...
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    Teletext subtitle

    Hi everybody i have this .ts with teletext subtitle: File Name: J:\Crash.S02\20100825 2120 - FX - Crash - 1^TV2x9.ts File Size: 3986218896 ( 3.71 GB ) Program Duration: 03:12:48.06 File Type: TS Stream Encoding: MPEG2 Video stream Id: 2602...
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