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    VAP not allowing monitor to turn off in Win 7 and 10

    I finally figured out that it is VAP keeping my monitor from turning off. It was happening in Windows 7 then 10 after I upgraded the computer. Is there a way to fix this?
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    MPEG-2 MP4 output is slow

    I am working with WTV files and using VAP to handle the file outputting. Saving to MPEG-2 MPG is fast but Plex on hte PS4 is having some flashing issues with bright areas of some videos so I am trying other output formats. The outputting of an MP4 was slow. Is there another output type that...
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    Selecting audio stream with most channels by default

    Is it possible to have VRD select the audio stream with the most channels by default? I am finding that various shows are recording with only 1 channel as the first audio track and the 2 channel or 5.1 channel tracks are being recorded as a later track so by default my mpeg-2 output files have...
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    Change filename when only doing commercial detection

    I have VAP setup to do commercial detection only. Is there a way for me to get it to also rename the input file so that it shows the season and episode number? Thanks, Kevin
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    Video ring buffer overflow

    I just received this error while trying to output a file. The log is attached. Is there someway for me to get by this since I cant find the buffer length values in Tools->Output. I am using version
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    maximum DVR-MS size?

    Is there a maximum size DVR-MS file that VRD will open? I recorded Terra-Nova last night in HD and VRD keeps crashing when I try to open the 13.4GB file. Edit: I am using version Edit: I just tried it with 616 and had the same crash.
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    Feature Request: Autoconvert WTV -> DVR-MS

    I have VideoRedo which doesnt support WTV files yet Win7 has a utility to convert WTV to DVR-MS. Would it be possible to have VAP run this utility when it sees a WTV file, then run Ad-Detective on the resulting DVR-MS file?
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    Does WMC in win7 generate commercial file?

    I have been hearing good things about WMC in Win7 and was wondering whether it generated an xml file of commercial points like BeyondTV does.
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    Encoding HD content

    I have been recording HD (1920x1080) tv and using videoredo to trim it. The input format was: Transport Stream Mime: video/mp2t whereas Videoredo ends up with: DVD "Vob" format MPEG-2 Program Stream Sys Rate 40000 kb/s The problem I am having that these files are slightly out of spec for...
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    Videoredo crash on exit.

    The last two times I have used VRD it has crashed when exiting after a "Save As". From the latest crash under Vista64: Faulting application VideoReDo.exe, version, time stamp 0x467311f6, faulting module unknown, version, time stamp 0x00000000, exception code 0x00000000, fault...
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    Videoredo bringing quadcore to its knees

    I have a pretty high end system including an Intel Q6600 quadcore but when I do a "Save As" for videoredo it brings my entire system to a crawl due to disk I/O. Is there a way to keep videoredo from doing that?
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