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    VRD Pro 6 (812a) still issues

    I have installed build 812a and tried to convert my 4k/60p GoPro video to 4k/60p AVC and i am still getting that dam LargeBufferMalloc, no more memory error, and i would have thought this would have been fixed, yet whenever i try to get a response here, nobody is replying or even offering me a...
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    What has happened to VRD Pro

    What has happened to VRD Pro, nothing seems to be happening to fix some of the still existing bugs that i have encountered, especially relating to editing and encoding my 4k/60p HEVC files to 4k/60p AVC, something that most other software apps seem to be able to do without too many issues...
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    Still no success with Pro 6 (808a)

    I finally got the November Key to activate, i imported a short 4k/60p HEVC GoPro file to try to convert it to 4k/60p AVC, and VRD crashed giving me the Error LargeBufferMalloc, no more memory I rebooted my laptop as i would usually do when i get this error, but this time without any success...
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    VRD Pro 6 License

    Hi guys, i just got my new laptop and have installed the new Pro 6.0 beta, it had 12 days to go on the trial, but now i cannot use it because it requires me to apply my license, but when i input my v5 license key it fails to activate. Can i have this sorted as i need to use VRD tomorrow. Cheers
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    VRD Pro 6.0 Test Results

    Hi everyone, i opened this Topic just to trow up some basic testing results for the VRD Pro 6.0, you can add to it if you want. I have posted the links to the actual files in my cloud storage service that i have tested myself, so you can download them and try them for yourself. File 1...
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    Converting 59.940fps to 60fps

    I noticed that my new GoPro 7 black camera actually shoots at 59.940fps and not 60fps, and it annoys me because i am trying to join some of those GoPro files with video clips that are true 60fps from a different camera, and VRD won't import both framerates into the joiner list to join them, so i...
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    HEVC h265 Support

    Just wondering if/when we will be getting the new release of VRD Pro with support for importing HEVC/h265 files for editing and exporting to other formats. I have a new GoPro 7 that i like to shoot in 4k-60p mode, however it only shooys in HEVC (h265) in the MP4 container, and i can't import it...
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    rendering 1080p @ 120fps

    Hi guys, is there any way that i can cut scenes from a video that will be shot in 1080p @ 120fps, and render it at 120fps so the footage plays back at normal speed, or would i be wasting my time, given the human eye can only read video clearly at around 60fps ?
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    VRD Encoders

    Hi guys, i was testing out my new Dell Precision M4700 laptop today using VRD Pro, just to get an idea of how fast it would be at encoding compared to my previous Dell Inspiron 2330 All in One desktop pc, which i recently gave to my friend. The 2330 has an i7 3770s desktop cpu, and gets an...
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    VRD Pro License issues

    Hi guys, i have given my Dell 2330 AIO Desktop to a friend for his editing work as his previous editing pc caught fire, and before sending it to him, i did a fresh install of Win 10, and activated his license for the normal VRD. I am now using my 17" Dell 1735 laptop as my main desktop now, and...
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    Need Version - May 29 2015 AVP-On

    Hi everyone, where can i grab a copy of VRD TV Suite 5 Version - May 29 2015 AVP-On There is a reference to 731a in this link, but no download link. Cheers
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    ProRes and DNxHD Support

    Hi everyone, this will probably only apply to VRD Pro users, but i am thinking about buying one of these Blackmagic 7" 4k Video Assist high resolution monitors with built in 1080p and Ultra HD recording in various 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes formats and DNxHD as well...
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    Cropping Tool tutorial or Guide

    Hi everyone, just wanted to know if there is a Guide or Tutorial on using the Cropping tool in both the VRD 5 Consumer and Professional Versions. I want to import 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 4k video files and crop X number of lines from the top, bottom, or both, but leaving the resolution as it is...
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    Strange HD Dashcam Video

    This is not a complaint about VRD, just a general Topic regarding the Video that i got from a Car Dashcam that i recently bought, and have since given away and have bought myself a much better quality one. Before i installed it, i decided to shoot some test video in both 1080 and 720 modes just...
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    Windows 10 - Upgrading, Custom Install & System Reset

    Hi everyone, i am a member of several online forums, mainly video and computer related ones, and i noticed in my travels thru these Forums that there has been a lot of discussion (and confusion) surrounding the new Windows 10 Operating System, and how it is supposed to work, so i have written my...
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    VRD Pro with x264

    Hey everyone, this topic is just to let everyone know how happy i am with my current VRD Pro version with the unlocked x264 encoder. After spending the past 4 to 5 weeks testing the x264 encoder (rather than the default Mainconcept encoder) we found an issue with adding Titles to my projects...
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    4k XAVC-S Editing with VRD Pro

    Hi guys, in the coming few months i am hoping to finally get my new video cam, which i am hoping will be a Panasonic DVX200, which will shoot 4k/50p XAVC-S @ 150Mbps, or 1080/50p ALL-Intra @ 200Mbps. In preparation for this move, i have recently been sourcing several 4k XAVC-S video samples...
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    VRD 734b Crashing

    Hi guys, following on from my previous Thread regarding the failure of Titles in my previous consumer 733 and Pro versions In that Thread i was told to install consumer v5 734b because 733 was a Dud, and after...
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    Title failure in v5 and Pro

    Hi guys, just when i finally got few small 4k output issues sorted out and working properly in VRD after upgrading my version 5 to 733 and my Pro version to the latest 734, sadly i just now discover that i have another bigger problem where i cannot add titles to any of my 1080/50p mp4 videos...
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    1080/50p to 720/50p encoding

    Hi everyone, this is mostly directed at the Devs, just need some clarification on this. I have around 300+ 1080/50p mp4 files shot on my video cams, all of them average around 22.5 to 25Mbps. I also output those videos to 720/50p mp4 as well for playback support on TV's and devices that wont...
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