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    New Save dialog

    That would be great, if it is not possible to show the opened previous location to see the work and copy parts of previous filenames (like the old one). When directory and filenames are not in one line it would easier to manage much batch files that contain identical part of the name. I am also...
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    Transport-stream options

    Sorry, but where can I find this point? Regards Frank
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    Transport-stream options

    Hallo Dan, I tried several files (without and even with errors) and the result is always the same. Original files start playback after jumping in VLC (and also in Dreambox) very fast (max is 1 second delay) with audio and video. If the file has gone through VRD (just open and save or with cuts...
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    Transport-stream options

    Hello jmc, thanks for the hint. That was the cause. :cool: I have another point with ts-streams that doesn't work optimal. If I play the original file (ts recorded with a dreambox) with VLC-player and jump to any point of the video, VLC starts almost immediately with the playback. If I jump in...
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    Transport-stream options

    Hello, I made the first few steps with VRD6 and can't find an option that was present in VRD5: Remove filler NALs (there are some other options missing, but I never used them ;)) I use this option whenever I edit recordings from the TV (mostly ts/h.264/p50) and save them again as ts-stream...
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    German translation

    Hello, I looked at the settings in the program and encountered a mistake in the translation, which is repeatedly seen in several places in the program with small differences. There seems to be a problem with "Auto" ;); there is always something shown with "90° im Uhrzeigersinn". Here are some...
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    Pixelation in place of cut (I frame)

    Hello, I sometimes also get those pixelation especially if I try to join files (.ts) with cuts on I-frames. I never found out why, because it is not so often. Sometimes the pixelation isn't there if I save the cuttet files first. If this doesn't work I found a workaround: First I make the cuts...
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    No PIDs error on open

    Hello, many thanks for the new version. With this one, I get trouble if I try to make a short piece of vid. I get the following error message: I switched back to 743e and I don't have this problem while creating exactly the same piece of file. So there must be something wrong with this...
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    File size of transportstreams VRD5 - VRD4

    I have only two cuts (begin and end). The first cut is an I-Frame. I use intelligent recode and only the last few frames at the end are recoded (logfile). The speed is high and nearly the same and you can see, that there is nearly no recoding (most is fast frame copy; just the end is recoded)...
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    File size of transportstreams VRD5 - VRD4

    During the tests concerning the Batch Manager (h264 transportstream, just cuts, no recoding of the hole file), I noticed that the output files from VRD4 and VRD5 have significant differences in the file size. I made some more tests and I think the settings in VRD4 and VRD5 are the same. Test...
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    Batch manager features/issues

    My english is not so good, but I'll try... I switched to VRD5 (from VRD4) a few weeks ago and I have two questions about the new batch Manager. 1. Note-window If I cut several videos with the batch Manager, sometimes the program seems to have problems to find the timestamps and then a...
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