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    Elementary Stream Muxer - File is not a recognised video file

    I have a .mp4 file which in most circumstances VideoReDo seems to handle without a problem. What I want to do is save it as elementary streams, do something to the audio in another application, and then re-multiplex the streams. Unfortunately VideoReDo won't let me. Even ignoring any work I...
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    COM Interface: FileOpen

    My hard-disk recorder saves everything - whether a video or audio recording - as a .ts file. If I accidentally try to open an audio-only recording while using the VideoReDo application it reports an error "Unable to open file" followed by the file name. Which is perfectly fine. But if I try to...
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    Using V5 COM interface

    I'm having problems running any code under VBA using the COM interface with V5. I didn't use to have any problems with V4, which I had also installed until quite recently, but now trying to make something simple work with V5 fails at the CreateObject("VideoReDo.Application") instruction with...
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    IDR Frames

    Two related things. Firstly, given the importance of IDR frames in certain types of video file, would it be possible to add to the keyboard/mouse navigation options the ability to move to the next/previous IDR-frame, not just to the next/previous I-frame? Secondly, is there any function within...
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