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    Scrubbing--is V6 good enough, or do I need an Nvidia card too?

    About a year ago I asked whether a video card would yield better scrubbing with heavily compressed mp4s: . After some discussion, my question--which was never answered--ended up being...
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    upside-down title--please help fast, time-sensitive issue!

    > zippy share asked for too many permissions > and tried to load some other application Zippyshare is a great way to share files if you use an adblocker like UBlock Origin. Most filesharing sites won't let you download if you do, but zippy has never implemented anti-adblocker protocols, so as...
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    upside-down title--please help fast, time-sensitive issue!

    VRD hasn't let me down for a long time, but now it's doing so in a big way when I can't afford it. Doubtless I'm asking it to handle something it wasn't designed for, although I can't tell why. The situation: I shot a video in .mov format on my ipad (version 4, updated to the last ios9...
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    good cheap video-edit card for my build?

    It's been quite a bit more than a week since the last post. What were the results on those tests? Would the Nvidia card and VRD6 palliate my slider woes?
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    better to QSfix before or after a forced remux? And how best to remux?

    I've been wondering about this issue for a long time and finally decided to ask. As we all know, sometimes those danged tivo files are so screwed up, presumably with compression, that QSfix won't do the job by itself. Sometimes it helps to force an h264 recode with VRD, although I haven't had...
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    good cheap video-edit card for my build?

    SUMMARY: I'm hoping that getting a dedicated video card will solve my major pet peeve re editing in VRD (slider lag time). If it will, I need recommendations for a low-budget (probably therefore used) video card that'll do the job. And the card needs to be standard PCI height, not taller like...
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    Bugs in Joiner functionality

    Couldn't find a bug-reports area here, and a brief search didn't reveal anything immediately relevant, so I'm reporting two bugs in VRD5's joiner. 1. When you edit a video, then add-project to the Joiner list, and then close that video WITHOUT SAVING, that video will still be listed in the...
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    Stinking D key (how to eliminate shortcut)

    Haven't ever seen anyone post with this request, so apologies if someone's raised the issue previously. When I'm editing I often accidentally hit the D key when I mean to hit S (to go to the start of a selection). In the interests of fast, eyes-on-screen workflow, there's no real way to stop...
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    convert DVD into single full-menu MP4

    There are hints in another post ( that what I want to do may not be possible, but it's not clear, and further searching on the forum revealed no more specific direction. So I figured I'd go ahead and ask. I've got...
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    "unable to get VideoRedo install folder" error message

    I recently uninstalled VRD St. 5 and replaced it with one of the more recent betas to deal w/an editing bug. Unfortunately it's gummed up my beloved VAP. now I get a message saying, "unable to get VideoRedo install folder from Windows Registry. Will not be able to launch interactive (GUI)...
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    installing multiple versions

    Many apologies for asking this, since I'm sure the answer is already posted somewhere--but it's certainly not in the FAQ (the closest topic addresses VRD plus and TV suite, but not TV suite variants). And I did a search for "install multiple versions" and received an error saying the search...
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    mp4 too big

    I'm attempting to convert mpeg 2 .tivo files (downloaded straight from a premier) into an h264-mp4, but the mp4 files are coming out waaaay too big; I'm accustomed to having VRD convert them and having the mp4 end up a little over a third smaller than the mpg. I didn't use any settings that are...
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    batch manager won't start

    Have just upgraded to Suite 5. Generally happy with it--the increased stability and speed means that I can now edit passably well on my old laptop, which is a nice plus--but can't get batch manager to start. Neither via the start-menu shortcut nor thru VRD itself (Tools | Start batch manager)...
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    default output profile directory not sticking

    I've recently changed work in a way that has required me to change my backup method on my home PC. Now I'm mainly working on thumb drives and the hard drive at home is functioning as a backup repository. One of the results is that at least once a week I completely delete the entire My Docs...
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    using vrd mpeg-2 codec

    I'm a fanatic about keeping my machine clean, so prefer not to install anything if I'm not going to keep it (since uninstalls almost always leave stuff behind, cluttering the registry and often the actually hard disk as well). I'm about to install ffdshow for the sole purpose of being able to...
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    Edit context-menu item not sticking to .tivo extension

    I know you can right-click on a .tivo file and open it in VRD via the open-with dialog, but I figured I'd eliminate a click by adding an Edit option directly to the .tivo extension. So I added the standard shell\[name of command]\command tree to the registry under the .tivo extension key...
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    adding fonts to title editor listbox

    The title editor displays only a few fonts in its listbox--far less than the many I have installed. I've put up with this for a good while, but now I'm working on a project that requires me to use other fonts. How can I make VDR recognize them? Thanks.
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    remove all audio?

    I'm just looking for a quick confirmation that VDR can't do this. Post says that Tool->Select stream only offers "all or one", which implies that you must always choose to retain at least one stream. I just bought a commercial...
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