VideoReDo TVSuite V6 beta: (2020-12-11)

TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-12-11

[Change] Output profiles: Made the cropping crop dialog re-sizeable.
[Change] Translations: Output profile screen not displaying German diacritical in the translation file properly.
[Change] Transport stream output: Changed mux logic to make seeking of saved .ts files smoother in VLC.
[Fix] H264: Software encoding could stall on output at end of file if the system has lots of physical cores.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoder init error if there were no re-order frames. Derive from: sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1 instead.
[Fix] HEVC: SmartEncoder not writing encoder parameter errors to the log file.
[Fix] Output profiles: Audio normalization values are not persisting. (Broken after build 821)
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-11-20
[Fix] H264/HEVC encoding: External encoder could stall if there are multiple audio streams with short duration frame (e.g. DTS).
[Fix] PCM Audio: Unable to open files with 96K PCM sampling rate.
[Fix] QSF: QSF fails to output audio and some video if frame rate is 59.94 fps.
[Fix] VC-1: If source video codec is VC-1 and container is transport stream (.ts) give warning that user should convert to MKV.
[Fix] YUVStream: Secondary codecs (ProRes, VC-1, WMV) stopped working,. (Broke in 825)
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-11-11

[Fix] HEVC: Intelligent recording with transitions, bit rate for fade-outs set randomly, could trigger blockiness if too low.
[Fix] Output profiles: CRF profiles were not being saved in the profile list.
[Fix] Output: MP3 audio output wasn't working.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-011-05

[Enhancement] DVD authoring: Added option to specify if DVD is NTSC or PAL. Previously DVD type was only determined automatically
[Enhancement] ES Muxer: Add 10 fps as a supported frame rate.
[Enhancement] Full screen playback: Hide mouse cursor during full screen playback when mouse pointer isn't being moved.
[Enhancement] GUI: Add Edit menu option to switch between cut and scene mode. Option is persistent between files.
[Enhancement] GUI: Add skin to the Output Progress dialog.
[Enhancement] Joiner/combine dialog: If opening multiple files at once, don't display the combine option if files shouldn't be combined.
[Enhancement] Joiner: Joiner now allows you join videos with different resolutions and frame rates as long their video codec matches.
[Change] Ad-detective params: Add to common parameters, "Force scenes to I-frames" (yes/no).
[Change] Chapters: In Tools>Options>Chapters, add back the checkbox from V5 to create a chapter at 0.00 in the chapters.txt file.
[Change] DVD: NTSC DVD will author always author to 29.97 FPS unless all the source files are either 23.94 or 24 fps.
[Change] DVD: Outputting 24-bit PCM to a DVD will down convert the audio 16-bit PCM.
[Change] GUI: Clear recent files/folders on Tools>Options>General didn't clear most recent files list on file menu until restart
[Change] Options: Added option for default save location to either last saved folder or source folder to Tools>Options>General
[Change] Profiles: Add to profile grid, "Force scenes to I-frames" (yes/no).
[Change] Profiles: For force transcode, default resolution should be same as source.
[Fix] DVD: DVD authoring will hang if frame rate of 1st file is 59.94 and 2nd file is 29.97
[Fix] DVD: Mixing 720p and 1080p source files on a DVD causes resizing issues on the 2nd file of the resulting DVD.
[Fix] DVD: Queuing DVD authoring to batch, fails in batch manager.
[Fix] File save: Memory corruption if the are multiple seconds of missing audio at the start of a file.
[Fix] GUI: Opening and saving a file name longer than 256 characters can cause crash.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>Options>Keyboard shortcuts description can be incorrect.
[Fix} HEVC: Fixed multiple issues with HEVC transitions and smart editing.
[Fix] HEVC output: Encoding 4K to HEVC on a 32-core system could run out of memory.
[Fix] Joiner editor: Opening joiner files (.VJnr) created in Version 5 now gives a warning message that they are not compatible.
[Fix] Joiner: Joining AAC of mixed sample rates (44.1K & 48K) creates noisy audio if sample rate doesn't match 1st file sample rate.
[Fix] MPEG2: Dual pass encoding might crash in second pass if video deinterlacer is invoked part way through the file.
[Fix] Navigation: Navigation and display could be off by one from if the frame rate is 59.94 fps and navigation distance > 50 min.
[Fix] Output status: Progress bar not working when splitting scenes
[Fix] Profiles: Manage profile dialog was not updating codec, file type or recode mode if you edited a profile.
[Fix] QuickSync & NVEnc encoding: Sync error if using either QS or NVEnc AND doing a fractional frame rate change, e.g. 23.97 to 29.97
[Fix] QuickSync encoder: Wasn't working with Intel 10900K CPU on test system. Fix might be driver update or QS interface recompile
[Fix] Save dialog: Profile list was not being updated if codec, file type or recode type was changed.
[Fix] Transitions: When recoding and transition mode is "fade", fades at internal cuts not being properly done. Dissolves OK.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-09-25

[Fix] Audio: Minor memory leak of audio data when an empty audio frame requires reallocation.
[Fix] BeyondTV: Beyond TV project files didn't work with drag & drop
[Fix] EAC3: If the audio stream changes channel count from 5.1 to 2.0 during playback VRD will abort. (Dan203)
[Fix] GUI: Scrambled strings in info box when showing MB and crash when showing frame number if Windows localization values corrupt.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>Options>Shortcut keys wouldn't always update the help text or selection properly if it was filtered by search
[Fix] HEVC playback: Adjust picture timing code could crash or create wrong PTS values after smart edit due to POC LSB discontinunity.
[Fix] HEVC: Logging of encoder errors and warnings to videoredo log file wasn't working properly.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoding will create an HEVC encoding init error if too many reference frames.
[Fix] MPEG2: QuickSync encoding to MPEG2 not outputting DTS timestamp with some Intel GPUs (not clear which ones). Can stall MP4 output.
[Fix] Output Profiles: (VRDPro) Issue with LKFS and Gain couldn't be adjusted > 0.
[Fix] Output Profiles: H264 and HEVC advanced encoding options not displaying (broke in 822).
[Fix] Topfield .rec files: Generated metadata not being written correctly causing topfields to not accept .rec files from VRD.
[Fix] VRD would crash on drag & drop of ES files
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-09-05

[Change] Install wizard: If you hold shift and ctrl down when clicking next, the check for GPU encoders is skipped.
[Change] HEVC: When saving to MP4, don't copy extra data as part of the annex B if there is already a VPS NALU in the frame.
[Fix] NVidia encoding: Not adding SPS and PPS to I/IDR frames due to uninitialized variable. Broke after 816.
[Fix] Auto combine: Auto combine not working due to change made in the release 821.
[Fix] HEVC: Check the slice header for: first_slice_segment_in_pic_flag to determine if slice is a new frame or part of previous frame
[Fix] HEVC: Smart encoder will create VPS, SPS, and SPS with id values of 11 to not conflict with typical values of 0, 1, and 2.
[Fix] QuickSync: QuickSync not working in Build 821 for Core I5-2400/2600 CPUs.
TVSuite V6 - ( Released 2020-08-27)

[Fix] Version check: Automatic download could stall / hang after download completes
1. This version now includes both 32- and 64-bit H264 and HEVC encoders. When you use the default software encoder the correct encoder is selected for your system. To use the existing 32-bit encoders select "Classic" for the encoder type in output profile. The 64-bit encoders provide access to more memory and work better on systems with more than 8 cores/threads than the 32-bit encoders especially with 4K material. Otherwise, the 32-bit and 64-bit encoders run at about the same speed.

2. High speed playback is now available using the K (slower) and L (faster) keys. Pressing each key speeds up playback by a factor of 2.0x. You can re-assign the keys using Tools>Options>Short cuts. They can also be assigned to one of the custom buttons. Starting with build 820, pitch corrected audio can be heard between speeds of 0.5x and 4.0x.

3. Help>Display keyboard shortcuts now shows you your custom keyboard shortcuts rather than the system default ones. You can also re-assign just about all keys including the ones used to set the thumbnail interval and select a particular thumbnail.

4. The thumbnail shift and ctrl options added in build 818 have been changed. When you click on thumbnail with the shift key pressed a sub-menu now pops up where you can select if the selected thumbnail should be moved to the leftmost position or rightmost. See this post for more info.

TVSuite V6 - ( Released 2020-08-20)

[Enhancement] GUI: Options for playback speed accepts prefix +/- (adds to speed), = (sets to specific speed) or no prefix for multiple.
[Enhancement] GUI: When changing the playback speed, show a temporary visual indicator in the video window of the new speed.
[Enhancement] Playback: Play audio at original pitch even when playback speed has changed. Valid from 0.5x to 4.0x.
[Change] Thumbnails: Allow shift+click on a thumbnail to select center frame. Previous versions excluded center frame.
[Change] Thumbnails: If shift+click and thumbnail interval is set to single frame, change pop menu labels to simply "Move left or right"
[Change] Thumbnails: Re-worked the thumbnail frame cache to use an LRU replacement algorithm and store more frames.
[Change] Transport stream output: If TS mux rate set to auto and null packets are omitted (default for TVSuite), mux plays better in VLC.
[Fix] Cropping: Cropping not working with dual pass encoding.
[Fix] GUI: Remove OK button on the "Permission to access internet" task dialog.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>UI Style editor accidently deleted from menu. Has now been restored.
[Fix] H.264 encoding: New external encoder defaulting to BFF instead of TFF for interlaced video. Now defaults to TFF.
[Fix] H264: Tools>Options>H264 frame rate not honoring "Stream" setting if very close to actual container rate.
[Fix] Installer: not prompting for install folder. Broke in a previous version.
[Fix] MP4/MKV output: Reported output frame counts and video duration are double what is actually saved for H264 PAFF encoded video.
[Fix] MPEG2: Advanced encoding option setting, "Use non-linear quant" wasn't being honored if set to false.
[Fix] MPEG2: Output can stall or abort if excessive removal of corrupted video frames leaves incorrect DTS timestamp setting.
[Fix] MPEG2: Updated to a faster version of the MPEG2 encoder. Performance increase up to 30% at high bit rates ( > 30 Mbps).
[Fix] NVidia encoding: If GPU card doesn't support MBAFF encoding, automatically switch to PAFF if card supports interlaced encoding.
[Fix] NVidia encoding: If output is progressive, ignore Interlace output setting (PAFF/MBAFF).
[Fix] Thumbnails: Audio graph was sometimes not displaying all frames, especially at the right-end of the graph.
TVSuite V6 - released 2020-06-27

[Enhancement] GUI: Version check will now offer to download updated version instead of referring user to a web page.
[Enhancement] H.264/HEVC: Added 64-bit encoder support to handle 4K video on systems with more then 8 cores/threads.
[Enhancement] Playback: Add variable speed high-speed playback. Default assignable key assignments are K (slower), and L (faster).
[Enhancement] Thumbnail: Shift + left click on thumbnail brings up sub-menu to select type of expansion. (Changed from 818)
[Enhancement] H.264/HEVC: Speed up file opens by caching video duration from the first file open.
[Enhancement] Open video: Speed up initial video file open by reducing number of file opens from 3 to 2.
[Change] GUI: Changed task dialog supporting class to use MFC's CTaskDialog. Should be transparent to users.
[Change] GUI: Converted all hard coded keyboard shortcuts to hotkey system.
[Change] GUI: Help>Show keyboard shortcuts will display user's custom shortcuts instead of original default shortcut defaults.
[Change] GUI: Tools>Options dialog now remembers last used page and default to that page when you open the dialog again.
[Change] HEVC: If neither progressive or interlace flags are set in the SPS, then assume progressive rather than interlaced.
[Change] Installer: Updated installer to Inno Version 6, and changed settings so that the system's default language is pre-selected.
[Change] MP4 output: E-AC3 was always being recoded rather than being passed thru.
[Change] MPEG2: Change B-frame Q factor and offset to use same Q factor as P frames. Improves quality of B frames.
[Change] MPEG2: Switch mpeg2 to use non-linear quant table. Improves quality at lower bit rates.
[Change] Options: Shift+Tools>Options, Increase max value of "Max GOP length (secs)" to be set up to 120 seconds from 30.
[Fix] Czech: Incorrect display of audio stream selection when language is set to Czech.
[Fix] DVD: Improve overall bit rate compliance when doing single pass encoding to DVD using the software encoder.
[Fix] H.264: Elementary stream muxing of 59.94 fps video triggers sync errors.
[Fix] HEVC: If max POCLsb is 65535 and GOP ends with a POC Lsb near 65535, could get memory error on next GOP.
[Fix] HEVC: Unable to open a file which has complex st_ref_pic_marking in the SPS.
[Fix] HEVC: Unable to open file due to parsing error in st_ref_pic_set read routine.
[Fix] Joiner: Joiner was not handling rotation properly when mixing videos with different source rotations.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Added logic to handle situations when DTS isn't monotonically increasing. Can happen when there are lots of frame drops
[Fix] MP4/MKV: If saving MPEG2 to mp4 or mkv without transcoding, the DTS isn't being correctly set causing a slow mux. (broke in 818)
[Fix] Output Profiles: Setting output audio language code in TVSuite isn't being saved to the output file.
TVSuite V6 - Released 2020-05-05
[Enhancement] DVD: When recoding for DVD, default to DVD High matrix or DVD very high (>7Mbps) matrix for improved quality.
[Enhancement] MPEG2: New mpeg2 advanced option "Custom encoding matrix" to use encoding matrices that may improved encoding quality.
[Enhancement] Thumbnails: Clicking thumbnail while pressing the shift or control keys moves selected frame to left most / right most position.
[Change] GUI: File save dialog(s). Enable "save" as default button if user presses enter.
[Change] Installer: Have installer issue warning if attempting to install on XP or Vista.
[Fix] DVD: Adding chapter marks can trigger VOBU build errors during DVD muxing.
[Fix] DVD: Authoring PAL MKV H264 source at 720x360 creates DVD with bad chroma. Not setting correct output resolution.
[Fix] GUI: Crash if user refreshes file.
[Fix] GUI: Minor memory leak in save dialog.
[Fix] H.264: Improved QSF to remove fewer frames if PTS wraps back to zero and doing QSF.
[Fix] H.264: Intermittent smart encoding crash due to memory allocation failure.
[Fix] H.264: Joining with transitions can introduce sync errors and extra frames.
[Fix] H.264: Memory leak in MP4/MKV muxer when outputting H.264 files. Will crash on large files.
[Fix] H.264: Software encoder error if doing dual pass encoding and file name has unicode characters.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart editing, fixed pixelation due to PPSs defined in the RASL frames which aren't passed to decoder.
[Fix] MPEG2: Missing audio graph if GOPs are very short and audio physically lags behind video by > 1 sec.
[Fix] Output Profile: If output codec is MPEG2 and recoding is required, make sure height is either 1080 or multiple of 16.
[Fix] Output profiles: Downloading additional profiles from VideoReDo servers not working.
[Fix] Titling: Output title will be corrupt if video line with is not a multiple of 8.
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