VideoReDo Pro 6 - Beta Version 6-92-9-818a (May 5, 2020)

VideoReDo Pro VRDPro-6-92-9-818a Released 2020-05-05
[Enhancement] DVD: When recoding for DVD, default to DVD High matrix or DVD very high (>7Mbps) matrix for improved quality.
[Enhancement] MPEG2: New mpeg2 advanced option "Custom encoding matrix" to use encoding matrices that may improved encoding quality.
[Enhancement] Thumbnails: Clicking thumbnail while pressing the shift or control keys moves selected frame to left most / right most position.
[Change] GUI: File save dialog(s). Enable "save" as default button if user presses enter.
[Change] Installer: Have installer issue warning if attempting to install on XP or Vista.
[Fix] DVD: Adding chapter marks can trigger VOBU build errors during DVD muxing.
[Fix] DVD: Authoring PAL MKV H264 source at 720x360 creates DVD with bad chroma. Not setting correct output resolution.
[Fix] GUI: Crash if user refreshes file.
[Fix] GUI: Minor memory leak in save dialog.
[Fix] H.264: Improved QSF to remove fewer frames if PTS wraps back to zero and doing QSF.
[Fix] H.264: Intermittent smart encoding crash due to memory allocation failure.
[Fix] H.264: Joining with transitions can introduce sync errors and extra frames.
[Fix] H.264: Memory leak in MP4/MKV muxer when outputting H.264 files. Will crash on large files.
[Fix] H.264: Software encoder error if doing dual pass encoding and file name has unicode characters.
[Fix] HEVC: Smart editing, fixed pixelation due to PPSs defined in the RASL frames which aren't passed to decoder.
[Fix] MPEG2: Missing audio graph if GOPs are very short and audio physically lags behind video by > 1 sec.
[Fix] Output Profile: If output codec is MPEG2 and recoding is required, make sure height is either 1080 or multiple of 16.
[Fix] Output profiles: Downloading additional profiles from VideoReDo servers not working.
[Fix] Titling: Output title will be corrupt if video line with is not a multiple of 8.
VideoReDo Pro - Released 2020-03-27
[Enhancement] ANC captions: (VRDPro) Add new options to "RDD11/VANC processing mode", "Userdata captions to VANC if no existing VANC"
[Enhancement] MXF captions: (VRDPro) fixed support for MXF 436m ANC captions.
[Enhancement] SDI Output: (VRDPro) Display VITC time code. If showing ANC captions get time code from VITC, if user data from GOP header.
[Enhancement] SDI Output: (VRDPro) fixed playback frame rate stability so that captions display properly.
[Enhancement] SDI output: (VRDPro) Added Tools>Options>VRD Pro>SDI output, to process EIA 608 captions on line 21 for 720x608 SD videos.
[Enhancement] VBI captions: (VRDPro) Add ability to mux SCC EIA 608 captions to MPEG2 SD PAL with 720x608 dimensions.
[Change] MXF output: (VRDPro) creation data mxf wasn't being set in the MXF header. Now being set to current GMT.
[Change] MXF: (VRDPro) MXF metadata company and version strings now being set by VideoReDo rather than embedded in the muxer code.
[Change] Playback: (VRDPro) If SDI output is enable and deinterlace is enabled on T>O>Playback, automatically disable deinterlace.
[Change] Profiles: (VRDPro) Change visual watermarking to always show the fields: Offset pixels X & Y and transparency.
[Fix] DNX: (VRDPro) DNX with 4:2:2 chroma not displaying correctly.
[Fix] MXF captions: (VRDPro) Fixed MXF 436M to LXF VBI captions when MXF captions have a svcInfo present.
[Fix] Output Profile: (VRDPro) Advanced audio, unable to set AC3 bit rate beyond 384 Kbps.
[Fix] SDI Output: (VRDPro) SDI audio channel mapping was incorrect with multiple PCM streams. Some channels were duplicated.
[Fix] VBI captions: (VRDPro) display of MPEG2 VBI captions wasn't working.

[Change] H.264 profile: H.264 advanced encoding parameters removed "progressive" from optional "Interlace mode".
[Change] Internal: libavcodec & libavformat updated from Version 3 to Version 4.
[Change] Logging: If log file folder doesn't exist, logger will 1st attempt to create it, if fails set default to Documents\VideoReDo
[Fix] Ad-detective: Intermittent hang after running ad-detective if thumbnail interval is greater than single frame.
[Fix] Batch: When doing a queue to batch from the file save screen, the selected profile isn't saved and remembered for the next save.
[Fix] Beyond TV XML files don't work
[Fix] DVD: If saving a DVD to an ISO from the DVD project page, no longer warns if a physical burner isn't found.
[Fix] DVD: If source video has 4:2:2 chroma, DVD authoring should automatically recode to 4:2:0.
[Fix] DVD: Opening a copy protected VIDEO_TS file will crash in V6.
[Fix] DVD: When authoring to a DVD using the software encoder, reduce the bit rate tolerance so that encoded size fits on a DVD
[Fix] H.264: If frame rate at start of file is variable, build an internal histogram of frame durations to determine actual frame rate
[Fix] Joiner: Transitions sometimes disabled when saving through the joiner.
[Fix] MPEG2: If source is MPEG2 navigating or Ad-detective to end of file could hang thumbnails.
[Fix] MPEG2: Thumbnails could hang if source codec is MPEG2 and thumbnail interval is greater than single frame.
[Fix] Output Profile: Save as elementary stream (match source) always appends .h264 suffix regardless of source video codec.
[Fix] Output graph: If video encoder set to dual pass but NVEnc or QuickSync becomes the actual encoder, revert to single pass.
[Fix] Output profiles: If smart profile codec is set to "match source" and changed in file save dialog, quality factor not honored.
[Fix] Profiles: Changing h264 codec to hevc on mp4 ipod profiles causes output error due to MP4 mux type of ipod not supporting hevc.
[Fix] QSF: If transitions are enabled, QSF dialog shows audio recoding even though transition settings ignored in QSF mode.
[Fix] Save dialog: If container is changed/customized clicking on "select file" uses old container type not new type.
[Fix] Shell: Problem opening VPRJ (maybe files too) with file associations.
VideoReDo Pro - Released 2020-02-13
[Fix] Captioning: (VRDPro) VBI burn-in of SDI content will now allow 608 captions to burnt unto line 21 of the VBI of a PAL video.
[Fix] Joiner: Adding a project with cuts to the joiner list displays incorrect file length in info box.
[Fix] DVD: Unable to burn from ISO file.
[Fix] MPEG2: Incorrect display aspect if file is incorrectly marked as 1:1 aspect ratio.
[Fix] HEVC: Sync error when doing smart editing and cut is made on a RASL frame. (Broken around 812).
[Fix] H.264/HEVC: TS file without program map, could falsely treat EAC3 stream as DVD PCM.
VideoReDo Pro - 6.91.9-814a Released 2020-02-03
NVidia encoding: Sync errors if the source file is MPEG2 encoded with 3:2 pull down repeat frames. (Broke in 813a)
VideoReDo Pro - 6.91.9-813a Released 2020-02-01

[Change] H.264: Improve quality of I-frame cuts when smart editing H.264 when frames at cut start are near black.
[Fix] GUI: File save dialog output filename, if no favorite profiles, typing a space in the output file name causes cursor to jump to left of edit box.
[Fix] H.264 output: Smart encoder would create and not delete unneeded log/stats files: data.txt, log.dat, stats.dat
[Fix] H.264: H264 smart edit will error out if user's home folder has unicode characters.
[Fix] H.264: Smart edit could exceed memory (allocation error) when editing 4K video with transitions. Added thread control.
[Fix] H.264: Smart edit, added support for advanced encoding option: thread count when doing smart editing.
[Fix] MPEG2: Tivo, Excessive removal of audio frames when processing Tivo files if an entire GOP was removed for resync.
[Fix] Playback: AAC-HE audio stutters on playback in V6. OK in V5.
[Fix] Translations: Output profile edit, some languages (Czech, Dutch, French, Finnish) wouldn't let user select NVEnc codec.
[Fix] Output Profiles: (VRDPro) Unable to set the AC3 bit rate beyond 384 Kbps in either simple or advanced audio.
VideoReDo Pro - 6.91.9-812a Released 2020-01-09

[Change] ES Muxing: Added support for HEVC files elementary streams.
[Change] NVEnc H264: Check if overridden profile level is sufficient for requested encode. Auto raise the level if necessary.
[Fix] MPEG2 navigation: If GOP is closed, navigating back one frame will get stuck and move forward one frame.
[Fix] German translation: Increased text width on the Tools>Options and output profile pages.
[Fix] H.264 output: IDR frame cutting putting 25000/1001 frame rate in SPS instead of 25000/1000. (broke in 810b)
[Fix] Output: TVSuite when normalizing with transitions enabled, output could stall at the end of the file.
[Fix] Profile editor: Advanced encoding options for MPEG2, H264 and HEVC not being displayed.
[Fix] Output Profile: (VRDPro) If video dimension preset set to "Same as source" unable to reset dimensions using preset.
VideoReDo Pro - (Released 2019-12-26)

[Fix] Split scenes output: Internal value of outOptions.m_outputDuration is incorrect when doing split scenes, messes up moov atom allocation.
[Fix] Profile editor: Preset doesn't retain "Same as source" in grid
[Fix] Profile editor: Updated grid to new normalization format
[Fix] Profile editor: Match Source didn't support 4k
[Fix] HEVC output: Fix problem in CheckAndAdjustSync which caused sync adjust to not work.
[Fix] HEVC: Improve detection of corrupted stream by comparing Pic order count to original PTS.
[Fix] DVD authoring: Adding a chapter mark causes DVD to begin playing at the chapter mark instead of start of video.
[Fix] H264 output: Possible pixelation at cut points for H264 files using smart editing with transitions.
[Fix] HEVC: Thumbnail display showing incorrect frames if the left most frame is a RASL slice.
[Fix] Output: Splitting scenes and saving to mp4 will under allocate area for MOOV atom.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Output to DVR-MS will crash if there is a thumbnail image in the source metadata (WM/Picture).
[Fix] MPEG2 navigation: Doing an I-frame seek and then pressing right arrow/next frame jumps full GOP instead of 1 frame.
[Fix] MPEG2 thumbnails: Not displaying correctly, out of order or missing frames. Broke in 810.
[Fix] H.264: Smart encoding of H.264 could have incorrect frame rate in SPS at cut point.
[Change] Log file: (VRDPro) Show user name in log file rather than the "DE...." string.
[Fix] Output Profile: (VRDPro) If video dimension preset set to "Same as source" unable to reset dimensions using preset.
[Fix] Profile editor (VRDPro) Setting Transition type to "Fade" doesn't persist.
[Change] GUI: Up/down arrow changed to be the same as V5. Up now moves towards beginning of video, Down towards the end.
[Change] Intel Quick Sync: Default IDR interval for Quick Sync is 0 and should be 1 to create VPS, SPS, PPS for each GOP.
[Change] MPEG2 thumbnails: Speed up display of thumbnails by NOT writing all temporary AC3 frame errors to the log file.
[Change] MPEG2 thumbnails: Speed up display of thumbnails by decoding fewer frames.
[Change] NVEnc: Tools>Options>GPU encoding, NVEnc Info shows more information about what features are supported for each codec.
[Change] Time code entry: Allow semi-colon as separator in addition to period and colon.
[Fix] AC3: Recoding to AC3 creates invalid audio stream. Broken in 809b.
[Fix] Audio transitions: Sync error if channel count changes in the middle of a transition.
[Fix] GUI: Complete upgrade from task dialog, wouldn't bring up correct page.
[Fix] Joiner save: Will auto close VideoReDo after joiner save if there's no video file open in video window.
[Fix] Joiner: On two pass joining doing audo normalize, it was possible to get audio from last file at start of first file.
[Fix] Joiner: On two pass joining, file counter (1/x) in output status dialog was stuck at (x/x) in second pass.
[Fix] LXF: (VRDPro) LXF muxer not flushing partial audio and video frames at end of file.
[Fix] MPEG2 encoding: Not sending frame_rate to the encoder.
[Fix] NVEnc/QuickSync: H264 SEI captions encoded via NVEnc or Intel QuickSync not playing in VLC.
[Fix] Navigation: Unable to seek program or transport stream files > 7+ hours.
[Fix] Output Profile: Clicking on Advanced audio in save dialog profile option, causes crash.
[Fix] Video playback: Setting display aspect ratio on T>O>Playback devices only works for MPEG2, should work for H264 and HEVC.
[Fix] Manual parameters, shift+Tools>Options wasn't working.
[Enhancement] Ad-detective: When non-interactive ad-detective is finished, play a different sound from a normal file save.
[Change] DVD output: Internal DVD authoring logic changed to better fit current architecture.
[Change] GUI: Remove "Use new style file and folder dialogs" from Shift+Tools>Options>Manual.
[Change] Output Profile: H264 advanced encoding options, added option to disable 8x8 transform.
[Change] Output Profile: Remove MPEG4 from list of output codecs.
[Change] Output: Disable transitions when doing QSF.
[Fix] AC3 encoder: Fixed memory leak.
[Fix] Activation: Automatic activation not working for all users, manual activation works.
[Fix] Ad-detective: Add tooltip text to the two icons (pencil and X) in the profile section of the dialog.
[Fix] BOB deinterlacer: Deinterlacer would crash if output height was not a multiple of 16. Such as 1920x1080.
[Fix] DVD: Adding a project to DVD splits scenes and uses time codes are description instead of using the file name.
[Fix] DVD: Background of menu screen is distorted.
[Fix] DVD: Burning not working in V6.
[Fix] GUI: Go to time code, using ctrl+v to paste a time code doesn't work.
[Fix] GUI: Pressing "abort" during save, removes the last added to the cut list.
[Fix] H.264: Dual pass encoding might stall on second pass.
[Fix] H.264: Software encoder will error / abort if interlaced and weighted_p frames requested. Disabled weighted_p for interlace.
[Fix] HEVC: QSF of HEVC source to MP4 file might hang.
[Fix] Installer: Not setting language code correctly from the installer.
[Fix] MKV: Wrong frame rate being written to MKV files. (Actually value is frame duration in nsec).
[Fix] MPEG2 encoding: Memory leak in the mpeg2 encoder could cause application to run out of memory if the output file is > 1.5 GB.
[Fix] MPEG2 video: Intermittent crash when seeking to end of file. Could also trigger crash at end of ad-detective.
[Fix] MPEG2 video: Save would stall if source is program stream and audio packets at cut point didn't have a PTS.
[Fix] MPEG2 video: Wouldn't demux AC3 audio with DVD audio header when the audio header block had an offset of 0.
[Fix] Output Profile: Intelligent recoding of uncompressed source has really low output bit rate.
[Fix] Output: File save not letting user specify child folders if default directory in output profile isn't blank.
[Fix] Profile editor: Changing the file extension causes a crash.
[Fix] QSF dialog: Manually entering a file name into Input file edit box doesn't work, need to press "Select file".
[Fix] QSF: If suggested output file name exists it should suggest a new unique one.
[Fix] WTV output: Non-english characters in the metadata are being messed up in the output file.
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