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    Missing Avermedia Optimization

    New version looks very promising but it seems that latest FIX in v4 about the Avermedia files recognition is not implemented (yet I hope). Those files are 25fps progressive stored as 50fps interlaced and to be edited in VRD you usually are forced to remux as 25fps but latest v4 update is able...
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    Can't edit my files without encoding first

    Hello, I own a HD PVR (Avermedia HD EzRecorder Plus) and it captures in AVI format (H264+MP3). I know VRD doesn't accept AVI nor MP3 so I converted the audio only (AC3 or AAC) and remuxed with MKVMerge (MKV container) and also remuxed to MP4 with various tools. Once got rid of the AVI...
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