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    Convert 30Hz to 29.97Hz

    Does VideoRedo have a way to convert a 30Hz video to 29.97 so that it can be put on a DVD? I tried setting the frame rate to standard definition, but the recoded output was still 30 Hz.
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    Save dialog minor issue

    In the Save Project dialog box, if you change the name of the project from the default, then select a folder from the recent folders dropdown, the name gets reset back to the default. Once the name is changed by the user, it should no longer be changed by the program while the dialog box is...
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    Problem reopening H264 output

    I have a video that was recoded for the ipod using ffmpeg: File Name: J:\xxx.mp4 File Size: 1135529075 ( 1.06 GB ) Program Duration: 03:08:27.13 File Type: MP4 Encoding: H.264 Video stream Id: xE0 Encoding Dimensions: 320 x 240...
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    Audio Sync errors in H.264

    I have an mpg source video where the audio was leading the video by around 300 ms. I adjusted the audio with VRD. Then the audio played close to sync in the VRD player. I created an H264 ipod output. If I open this in VRD, the audio plays in sync. However, on the ipod and in the Quicktime...
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    Creating h.264 from DVD source issues

    I am creating an h.264 mp4 file from a DVD source. I am using a profile I created from the mp4 generic to format for the Apple TV. I am noticing a couple of issues: 1) Deinterlacing artifacts - Any time the scene moves, even slowly, I see a lot of deinterlacing artifacts. This almost looks...
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    Joiner update for TVS4

    Now that TVS4 has the capability to recode video, it would be good if the joiner would now accept video segments of different resolution. This should force a recode of the output video. Many times I have video to join that I must recode one segment to match the other segment. If the profile...
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    Preview mode issue

    In preview mode, I step frame by frame across an area that was cut. When stepping forward, the display in the preview window seems to be correct. Both the first and last frame in the cut are not shown. When stepping in reverse, the last frame of the cut section is shown. In addition, if the...
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    Setting resolution other than DVD compliant

    Is it possible to select a video resolution other than DVD compliant ones? I have two videos that I am trying to put on a DVD. One is 480x480 and the other is 544x480. I wanted to make them both the same resolution to avoid a mixed resolution DVD. I also wanted to avoid a lot of transcoding...
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    Playback of edited stream

    It would be nice to have an option to play the edited stream. This would allow a view of what the edits would look like before actually generating the output and then playing the output stream.
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    Dual layer discs

    I have used TV suite to create DVDs that work fine in my older RCA DVD player and my Tivo Humax DVD unit. These are all single layer DVDs. I have created dual layer DVDs with TV suite. These DVDs are not recognized by either player. The Tivo states the format is unsupported. I tried using...
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    Position Calculation problem

    I am looking at the Position (MB) box in the lower right. While editing, when I cut a section out of the video, both the Output size and Cursor Out position change as expected. If I cut a selection that results in the Overlapping Cut dialog box to appear, I select Combine to combine the cuts...
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    thumbnail redraw improvement

    TV suite .551 redraws the thumbnails after every navigation control. Although this needs to be done, it would make things a bit better if selecting another navigation control stopped display of the thumbnails. This would make the drawing of thumbnails quicker when several navigation buttons...
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