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    Putting text on top of video

    I'm aware of the titling feature in VideoReDo and have used it several times. But, I'm interested in putting text actually on top of the video as it plays. Is there a way to do this in VideoReDo? The titling option doesn't do what I want so I need another way. If VideoReDo won't do it...
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    .264 Elementary Streams

    I have a home surveillance system and the DVR gives the options to backup files from the DVR. But, the resulting backup file is in .264 format. I have yet to find a program that I can even view these files in much less edit them. I'm wondering if there is a plan in the works to allow...
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    Using Ad-Detective Scan

    I absolutely love this program, but I do have a question. I primarily use VideoReDo for editing college football games and removing the commercials and halftime. However, I notice that on most every game, it seems to merge separate commercial breaks into one cut scene. In other words, there...
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