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    is Linius software of interest?

    Hi, Upfront I must disclose that I am a shareholder of Linius. I wonder if their software is something that might be partnered with VRD. In a nutshell, this is what Linius do "Linius’ patented Video Virtualization EngineTM unlocks your video files, exposing and manipulating the flexible blocks...
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    small outputs from long inputs

    Hi, Lately with some TV recordings e.g. of 2hrs 15minutes I'm getting outputs of only ~10minutes after editing. I can understand a shortening if there are lots of errors, and I have been getting lots of those lately, but I just did one that showed zero errors after editing and over 2hrs. in...
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    SSD concern, deleted large video files

    After editing ads from TV shows recorded to HDD D:\ I delete the original to the Recycle bin on C:\ which is a new SSD. VRD is also installed on the SSD and it flies. I empty the Recycle bin now and again. Most of the files there are very large. Am I shortening the life of the SSD?
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    make audio delay setting "stick"

    Hi, For TV recordings where people find their TV video cannot keep up with the audio and lipsync is troublesome, it would be handy to set an audio delay that would "stick". At present I believe any setting is lost every time you open a new file. Thanks for VRD
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    User editable Help

    Is the VRD Help easily editable by the user or available in pdf that can be edited (like the How To files on this website)? If not, please treat this as a Feature Request. Thanks for VRD.
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    No PIDs specified when trying to open a transport stream

    Hi, I have a file that I cannot get VRDTVS (current version) to handle. I can drag and drop it into MediaPlayer Classic and it plays just fine. Below is the VRD logfile showing my various attempts, including QSFix. I have tried QSF by the direct and indirect methods. Is there a...
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    Undo-last-action button

    Is there an Undo-last-action button in VRD please?
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    "normal" file won't play

    Hi, Using Media Portal I produced a .dvr-ms TV recording file of 5.8G as I would normally expect. When loaded in VRD I only see one frame, the marker immediately goes to the far right and the length shows as 0:00:0. The marker will not stick at the start either. The same file will...
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    Which DigiTV drivers are considered the "latest"

    I've just noticed this in the beta development notes " Installation wizard: Removed question about Digi TV compatability. Not needed for latest DigiTV drivers. " and wonder which DigiTV drivers are considered the "latest"
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