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    Audio problem with dvr-ms files

    I have a Hauppauge HVR2200 card and Vista VMC When I look at the dvr-ms files in VideoReDo there is a problem with the sound It is a bit hard to describe but every ten seconds or so there is a gurgling sound as if the audio is trying to catch up or is overlapping with itself If I run the file...
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    DVD Authouring Software

    I currently use Womble Mpeg Video Wizard to do editing and fixing of files. I am trialling VRD and have a couple of questions This is what I have tested at the moment. 1. I recorded a TV programme on a standalone DVD recorder in VR mode - the reason for this is so I don't have to keep...
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    Saving Selections

    Hi, have just downloaded and installed the program and got a Trial Key I have tried doing a simple selection to try it out, but when I hit the Save As key and enter a file name it saves the whole mpg file how do I save just the selection I want? It is not immediately obvious to me! also, if...
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