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    Batch processor dialog changed with 736e?

    I think it's the Batch Manager's "Add files to Batch queue" dialog box. The drop-down list for the Profiles now only drops down one line - you can actually scroll through the list of profiles using either the mouse wheel or the up & down cursor keys.
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    Can't author 544x576 without re-encoding

    Hi, Just tried to author to DVD some episodes recorded from a UK Freeview (DVB-T) channel which broadcasts mpeg2 with a resolution of 544x576. It's not something I do a lot but it's one of the many reasons why I originally upgraded VRD when they added DVD authoring. Before, as long as I had...
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    Changing profile can change save directory

    Have noticed that with the latest version (6.18) that if I change the profile when saving a file then I can jump back to the root directory of the drive I'm saving to. It doesn't happen with all the profiles, just two mpeg2 ones I've modified slightly and saved under my own names. This behaviour...
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    The audio graph - relative or absoulte levels?

    Hi all. First off thanks for the great program and the (in my experience) unsurpassed support that you guys provide. Right, I have the thumbnails turned on - one frame per thumbnail - and the audio waveform displayed. Now, am I right in assuming that;- 1) The audio display has the same...
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