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    Create DVD makes small DVD

    I am using VRTVS beta 566. I started with an .mpg file 4,519,700,484 bytes in size, perfect for a single DVD-5. I loaded the mpg file in TVS and clicked "Create a DVD". On t6he next screen it showed a "minor re-encode" was necessary. 36 minutes later it was complete but the VIDEO_TS folder...
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    Beta 566 - Dual Pass Encoding

    The changes in this beta include [Enhancement] DVD Authoring: New checkbox on video options tab, "Dual pass encoding". Slightly slower but improves quality at low bit rates. I've looked everywhere but I must be blind because I can't find any checkbox with an option of "Dual Pass encoding"...
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    Quickstream Fix broken in 556

    I ran one of the vob files from a homemade dvd through quickstream fix in 556. I changed the options so that it allowed me to output to VOB. Unfortunately it does not process the file even tho the progress bar suggests it is. No output file is created and the "Output Complete" window displays...
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    DVD will not play in standalone player

    I took up the "early birds" offer and upgraded from VRD to VRD TVSuite. As far as editing recorded TV shows goes, it works perfectly for me (just like its predecessor). I decided that it was time to try the DVD features and this is where I am having problems. After I remove the unwanted...
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    What is the latest official release

    According to the announcement, the last Official release was 2.5.3-500. Is that still the latest official release or is there a later one? I notice on the VideoReDo download page VideoReDoPlus 2.5.5-512a is available. Is this an official release? cheers
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    Build 456 shows wrong video time

    I have a video recorded by a Dvico dual digital HDTv card and saved in .mpg format. The video length is 19:51:15 I used VRD build 456 to remove one frame and then saved it as .mpg again. When I load the saved file in VRD it shows the video length as 39.42.11. The edited video plays perfectly...
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    How do I remove one frame

    I am using VRD build 456. Quick quesrtion: I want to remove one frame from a video. How do I do it? 1. Do I set "start" on the frame before and "end" on the frame after; or 2. Do I set "start" on the frame before and "end" on the frame I want removed; or 3. Do I set "start" on the frame...
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    Fast Forward Button

    Something that I never realised wasn't present and i really needed before last night. Something similar top powerdvd and windvd where speeds of 2x/4x/8x/16x/32x are selectable. Hope it can be implemented Dan. Thanks
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    Strange audio problem

    I am using build 450. Last night I was helping my son wth a school project which required me to rip one of our dvds to my hard drive and cut sections of the movie and join them together according to character. I processed the first and second vob files but when I loaded the third it started to...
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    Ad-detective in build 450

    I don't like what has happened to Ad-detective in build 450. Now it seems it not only places the scene markers but also marks the selections to be cut. This would be fine if it was 100% accurate but it isn't so I still need to check the scene markers and having to keep replacing the cut...
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    Where do i fins build 445

    I notice on the topic at the top of the forum that it has been released but can't find it on the beta download page. Any suggestions?
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    Concatenate not working in Build 414

    I opened the first vob file of a dvd with 4 vob files and saved it with .vob output. In previous builds it automatically saved all 4 vobs but with build 414 it only loaded and saved the first vob. I've tried to insert plusoptions-on in the software key but it refuses to accept it and I can't...
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    Problems with build 391

    when I edit out commercials or unwanted parts of digital video i now find in build 391 that the red navigation buttons at the bottom don't work properly. i can insert scene marks either manually or with ad-detective but the red navigation arrows only work in the right direction not the left...
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    .ts output filesize

    I was always of the opinion that .tp and .ts files were the same just put out by different programs. Evidentially this is not so or there is a problem with the .ts output in VRDP. I'm using build 388 with a DVICO DVB-T Plus and FusionHDTV v3.0.2 software/drivers. I recorded DV in .tp format...
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    Ulead Videostudio

    My HDTV card comes with Ulead Videostudio 8 SE for use with analogue capture. Can anyone tell me whether when using videoredo plus on video captured by videofactory, do I need to tick the Ulead Moviefactory option? cheers
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