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    Mpeg stream error: Audion Ring Buffer Overflow

    Using VRD on TiVo files with mpg output, I've started to get this error - not sure why: Attached are log file where one executed without error, one with...
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    VAP open error with tivo file from command line

    When starting a VAP from Windows 7 Task Scheduler, I get the following in the VRD+ log: Yet, if I run VAP interactively from the GUI, I get ...and so on. When starting under task scheduler, I use elevated privileges. I am running TiVo Desktop Plus. Complete log attached. Randy
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    How to run VAP using Win7 task scheduler

    I had problems attaching - it should be there now.. I thought it might be because the PC is hibernating, but I've tried running another program that wakes up the PC before running. Still doesn't work...
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