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    Variable speed playback

    Just downloaded the most recent beta. The variable playback speed is nice. It appears to only have five steps for fast and two steps for slow which is fine. Is there a way to get a status indicator for playback speed? Karl
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    Video Encoding - Profile Advanced Options

    I like many of your settings and they make sense.
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    Video Encoding - Profile Advanced Options

    Could you share a little more information on the video encoding parameters. If I select an Intelligent recode, the video encoding parameters under advanced options are not visible. I assume that means that some of the parameters are being picked up for use from the original video file. Can you...
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    Joiner enhancements - major recode required

    I just ran into a situation where I wanted to join several files in V6 and the joiner reported that a major recode was required. I went through the various file properties and found just one file just happened to have a different video resolution. I recoded it separately, replaced it the joiner...
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    Intel QuickSync "Unsupported" for i5-2500K?

    I am running (5/17/2014). As you can see I have not updated for a very long time. Intel has windows 10 drivers posted for the HD 2500 dated March 2020.
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    Intel QuickSync "Unsupported" for i5-2500K?

    I have an i5-3450 which has the HD 2500 and quicksync works with both VRD V5 and V6. It is windows 7 so there is a difference between our systems. I was excited to try QuickSync when I first was able to use it but finally opted for CPU encoding. Though the QuickSync encodes were 50% faster on...
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    Intel QuickSync "Unsupported" for i5-2500K?

    Are you using drivers automatically installed by Windows or have you downloaded the drivers from Intel?
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    Intel QuickSync "Unsupported" for i5-2500K?

    I have the HD Graphics 2500 on an older Windows 7 system and it does work with VRD V5. It took some work to get it going. Updated drivers like JMC referenced were a part of it. Is your monitor hooked up to the Intel adapter or are you using a second video card for your primary display? QuickSync...
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    Do you use MPEG-4?

    I have items in my archive also that are divx/xvid that I would like to maintain the ability to do something with if I wanted to. Is the goal to just streamline the lists but still maintain the capability? If is to eliminate confusion, changing the name somehow might help.
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    Can users please test the full screen display?

    It is great to see this long requested feature come to the new version. Tested on Win7 pro 64 and it works beautifully! Have a couple of minor suggestions. - When in full screen mode have the mouse pointer become invisible after short inactivity period (5 sec?) - Add volume control to mouse...
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    Update intel video drivers for QuickSync speed boost

    I quickly tested Intel QuickSync on my Core i5-3450 (3rd gen HD 2500) by force recoding a 1 min section of 1080p video. Using all standard defaults and only changing the encoder I obtained the following: fps / Method 41 / Software 93 / QuickSync (original drivers) 100 / QuickSync (latest...
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    Is audio supposed to work with the experimental H264 preview?

    I tried two different files with two different audio types and audio the did not work in preview mode. Is it supposed to be working at this point? Using build 665a. Karl
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    Video playback jumps, single frame navigation fine

    I have two video files that I tried to edit in 646a. At different places in these files I run into sections where the video will jump or fast forward through 10-30 seconds of video and then start to play back fine. Running the file through VRD first will not fix the problem. Cut sections of...
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    New Lead-In Profile

    Now that I have a new core i5 machine, the lack of a working preview for h264 files is driving me nuts. I know there are great complexities to getting this work. Is it possible to add a new default profile to VRD? This would only output a video file that would correspond to the preview lead in...
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