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    Shorten Path In Output Title Bar?

    How do I shorten what shows in the path in the output title, in the settings? In this case, I want it to rename the file to "The Kelly Clarkson Show" - without all the preliminary path wording. Version 5 did it this way automatically. If I do it that way, it shows an invalid file.
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    No Sound in 5

    SOLVED. Tools/options/playback devices/audio device. I just bought a new Marantz 7705 Pre-Pro, and checked before, and thought I had it set right. I had it set to my Realtek which worked before, but wrong now. Thank you for trying everybody!
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    No Sound in 5

    Yes, it is.
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    No Sound in 5

    I don't.
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    No Sound in 5

    I have had Videoredo 5 for ages with no problems. I also bought/installed Redo 6. Now I have no sound in Redo5 which I still want to use. I have tried reinstalling making sure it is on etc. and none of it works.
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    Isn't There An Auto Start?

    At one time I had this program set so I would click on the TV show to edit it. It would pop up in VRDTVS, but then it would start the video, instead of showing me the very first frame in a still shot. I would like to set it to do this again, which means I click on it, the show pops up, and it...
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    Make Redo Faster With My Next Computer Build?

    I have the TV Suite Version 5, all updates. I am getting ready to build an X99 based system with an Intel 5930K processor and a ton of ram. My question is to run VideoReDo at the fastest speed, where does it get it’s GPU, or CPU computing power from for the final editing when you hit save? Am I...
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    DUH! Don't have password

    PRODUCT KEY is what I meant. I'm having a bad brain day. I redid my hard drive, and I cannot find my password, or anything in FAQ. How does it work again? I only need it about every year, so i forgot. Do I have to fill out a tech request? Thanks. Dave :confused:
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    Caution sign while trying to burn.

    Now I’m getting this yellow sign. Was trying to burn 12 mpg 2 files on to DVD. Why is this happening? They were originally HD off of Win media center. Work FINE on computer. I saw another thread on this which of course was NOT RESOLVED, so I thought I would start a new one.
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    Caution sign while trying to burn program quits.

    Sorry I have ver 4. wrong forum
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    Why only 12 titles per disk?

    In terms of DVD burning, why is there a limit of 12 titles per disk? I am putting my music performances on to Blu-ray, and this is causing a problem: Each performance is 3-4 mins. long, and if I can only put 12 on to a Blu-ray, then the disk is only about 1/2 full. Can you change the figure to...
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    This Program Has Never Been Better

    :) I just want to say that a few updates ago, you REALLY straightened this program out. It NEVER crashes on me anymore, and it was doing that a lot when I first bought it. I have no idea what somebody did to fix it, but it is now one of the most reliable programs that I have, and now I...
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    Two Constant Error Messages

    These are happening 1-3 times per every single show I try to edit. In this case a 1 hr show, American Idol. it is 1080P recorded with a Hauppauge 2250 video card. I cleared the log file, and waited for it to happen again, then I cut and pasted the log. The two errors always come up at the same...
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    WTV Error Message

    I am using VideoReDo ver. 4 H.264. I uninstalled it because of the dozens of crashes that I've been getting lately during editing. NOW, after reinstalling it, I am getting, "WTV files are not supported on this system. Please try Vista with TV pack or Windows 7" Sorry, but I've been using Win...
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    No Sound During Editing or YouTube

    Hi all. I am trying the regular VideoRedo, and I like it very much. It seems to be the easiest editing tool. I am using it to edit over the air hi-def recordings, using a Hauppauge 2250 card with windows media center from Win 7 64/32 bit ultimate. I have a powerful computer. So far, I have not...
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