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    Editing FLV files?

    Is there any chance of adding FLV filetype to the list of files that VRD can open? According to VLC the file I can't edit contains H264 - MPEG-4 AVC(part 10) (avc1) video and AAC - SBR sound
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    MPEG TS to MKV with lipsync correction

    Is there a way to change the sound delay when using VRD to convert from MPEG2 TS MKV using the command line?
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    Why is first few frames of WTV video missing after editing?

    Every-time I edit a H264 SD WTV file, I end up with a frozen picture for the first few frames when I play it back in Windows Media Center, although in VRD it plays OK. I can then skip back and the file will play from the beginning. I've had this problem for a while now so I don't think its a...
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    Command line Quick Stream Fix

    Is there any way of running QSF from a command line? I want to automate it with DVRMSToolbox. Also can I select which soundtrack I want to end up in the fixed file? The end workflow is 1)Record 2)QSF 3)Comskip with a per channel settings file 4)Move the result off the SSD onto a Hard Drive I'm...
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    Wrong audio selected using a project file

    I use VRD to open a VPRJ file created by comskip and this latest release picks the wrong audio. I've turned off "ignore transport stream maps" which didn't change anything. Opening the WTV directly does give audio so there is a problem with the VPRJ. The streams found in the selection box are...
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    1080i H264/AAC HE Sound Sync issue

    I've just downloaded the latest version, and have cut some ads out of a 1080i file, the cut file has the sound about 2 seconds out of sync compared to the original. Resaving it with from the same project file restores the sync. Video is H264, Sound is AAC LOAS/LATM
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    Transcoding at idle priority class

    Is there any way to get VRD to transcode at idle priority class using vp.vbs? I already have the lower priority when saving box checked. Further info: I record to the systems flash drive and then transcode the finished file to MPEG2 for comskip to use before moving the original onto a normal...
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    How reliable is open from DVD?

    Chkdsk has screwed up part of my 3tb drive including my library of ripped DVD's and I was wondering, if vrd fails using the open from DVD function does that mean the individual movie files are useless or is there another way of recovering the data?
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    WTV H264 Closed Captions > MPEG2

    Is VRD likely to support closed captions in the near future from H264 WTV > MPEG2? If so would you like any test files?
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    Issues running concurrent scripts

    Is there any reason why I can't run more than one copy of VP.VBS or VRDSplit.VBS at the same time? I have an issue where VRD sticks at 99% for hours when converting H264 to MPEG2 using VP.VBS. Eventually I kill it in task manager and it shows many 99% entries which I think may be down to...
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    Can you avoid sound transcoding?

    Is there any way to avoid sound transcoding when converting from MPEG2 Video / MP2 Sound TS to H264 Video / MP2 Sound MKV if the bitrate? I'm guessing just setting the sound format the same as the source doesn't do it?
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    H264 2 Pass encoding - how low can you go?

    I've been converting MPEG2 SD TV into H264 High 3.1 Profile with 2 pass encoding and wonder how low I can drop the average bitrate to before I notice a loss of quality if I leave the peak bitrate much higher. Currently I'm working at around half the average MPEG2 bitrate with the peak set at 1...
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    No pid error when opening a ts radio file

    I've just tried to open a ts file recorded from UK freeview radio so I could save the audio stream but vrd just says no pid found and I can't do anything with the file. Is there any way of working out what's wrong? It was recorded with npvr and looking at the filesize it is a similar size to a...
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    VRDSplit.VBS - what am I doing wrong

    I've just discovered VRDSplit.VBS which I'd like to use to output a transport stream from 10 minutes in. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to work. The command line I'm using is: C:\PROGRA~2\VIDEOR~1>cscript "c:\Program Files (x86)\VideoredoTvsuite4\VRDSplit. vbs" -p 2...
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    Feature request - cut out first 10 minutes of program

    I'm looking for a way to automatically take a file and remove the first 10 minutes of it before saving, this is to get around comskip learning the logo from the previous program. Any chance VAP can be modified to do this?
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