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    How to do J cuts/L cuts with VRD

    J and L Cuts are when the audio cut is deliberately not synchronised with the video cut. When removing adverts you will often find the wanted program dialog over-runs the ads/station id cards which leaves you with an editing dilemma - cut the dialog or leave the station card in the final edit...
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    DVB (UK) subtitles - minimal support needed

    Today the only way I know (free or paid) to go from (UK) DVB subtitles to subtitles on a DVD involves ProjectX which can demux and transcode them. However ProjectX is lightyears away from VRD as an editor. A usable workflow would be to edit with VRD first, then demux/transcode subtitles with...
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    Crossfades, L-cuts and J-cuts

    I've evolved beyond just taking ads out, and want to do more serious editing (see subject line). But the GUI and usability of VRD is so good that I'd rather stick with it than go to a 'real' editor. Are there any plans to extend VRD to deal with more than one source file overlapping on the...
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